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Saturday, July 8, 2017

"Tokyo Geek's Guide" For Otaku

For those of you who are otaku of different aspects of Japanese pop culture, there's a new book out called Tokyo Geek's Guide that should interest you.

According to GameSpew:
Tokyo in particular is a sprawling megacity filled with enough cool stuff that it can easily be overwhelming. It can be difficult for any fan from the west to figure out what and what not to do while making their first trip. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect companion for your would-be trip: Gianni Simone’s Tokyo Geek’s Guide
Now, to be clear, this is the sort of book you want to read before going to Japan, not while you’re there. It is, after all, jam-packed with enough information that it can feel like a trip in itself just by reading it – which is a good thing! Coming from the mouth of someone who has worked for Vogue Italia, The Japan Times, and CNN Travel, it’s an essential piece that I recommend for planning a trip. Just maybe not for those already there, mainly because of its extreme focus on Otaku culture which, hopefully shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given the book’s title.

Gianni Simone is a familiar name as he reviewed The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan for The Japan Times several years ago.

There is a Godzilla section (below) in the Tokyo Geek's Guide, by the way!

The Tokyo Geek's Guide will be available on Amazon August 11.

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