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Monday, January 22, 2018

Found Comic Book During Packing

Today was spent packing more stuff in preparation for next week's move to New Mexico.

I came across stacks of comic books. These were bagged and boarded but not in a storage box. I believe they were ones my late father bought in the aftermath of the 1993 "Death of Superman" storyline. He would buy up all kinds of comic books. Most of what were in the stacks were from the 1990s (he passed away in 1999).

There were a few gems in the stacks, one of which was an issue of Superboy with a cover date of April 1961. It is issue number 88 with a Curt Swan cover and Al Plastino interiors. The cover price was ten cents. A nice Silver Age gem from the early 1960s, if I say so myself!

Here's the cover:

I had no idea that I even possessed this issue! Amazing what one finds during packing for a move!

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