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Sunday, April 1, 2018

"Child" David Hogg Can Dish It Out But Can't Take It

Above, this cartoon sums things up perfectly.

Leftist stooge David Hogg has been all over the liberal news media and the Internet spewing his bile and spleen, but when he gets blowback, he gets upset.

A good example:

Commentator Laura Ingraham apparently said something to offend "Boss Hogg", after which she apologized.

However, Hogg is having none of it. He condemns "mudslinging" and hides behind the fact that he and his friends are "children". He has engaged in mudslinging against President Trump (calling him a "draft dodger"), Senator Marco Rubio, the NRA and, can you believe it (?), Senator John McCain! He also has given obscenity-laden interviews on television.

He even decided to go after Ingraham's advertisers, which is a typical Leftist tactic (wonder who is coaching him?):

As former talk show host David Gold said about Ingraham's apology:
You don't apologize to puppets of Soros and Media Matters. Blood in the water. 
I will stand with Laura Ingraham everyday before I stand with the anti gun communist in the making David Hogg. This kid has injected himself everywhere, lecturing us on firearms, spewing his anti gun rhetoric, but once he gets made fun of, he pushes for boycotts.

What a punk 
....We all embraced them after the Parkland shooting. Whatever good will they may have engendered is gone with me. This kid, David Hogg cusses up a storm. Thinks it gains them street cred. I call it obnoxi...

"Child" or not, if Hogg is willing to put himself out into the media and dish out his venom, then he is asking for in-kind responses. (Where are his parents?) He has made himself fair game! 

He sure can dish it out, but can't take it!

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Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

David Hogg just Go Away were tied of a adolecent little brat making demands and trashing our Constitution if you want to leave America feel free to leave any time you want just dont bother coming back you spoiled little snot

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