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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

CALGUNS.NET California Primary Endorsements


We are facing an unprecedented attack, not only on our Second Amendment rights but on ourselves as individuals and gun owners. This election is crucial, not only to determine the future of Second Amendment rights in California for ourselves but also whether or not our children will have the right to keep and bear arms in the future. They are relying on US to fight for their right to not only protect themselves but their children as well.
We ask that you as Californians with a vested interest in our Second Amendment rights not only register and vote but also encourage others both in and out of the shooting sports community to do so as well. We cannot preserve our right to keep and bear arms without a voice and we cannot have a voice if we do not vote. We have been silent for too long and we only have to look around to see the cost. This election is a mid-term election and turn out is expected to be low which means if we vote in numbers our voices will be that much louder.

If you're not registered to vote you have until May 21st to register, you can register online at https://registertovote.ca.gov/  If your friends, family or coworkers are not registered to vote encourage them to both register and to vote for candidates that will respect and protect our rights and freedoms.
Earlier this year we reached out to candidates in several races regarding their position on Second Amendment rights and preserving and protecting the rights of the citizens of California. The answers we received, the ratings given by 2nd Amendment organizations like the NRA and CRPA and the voting of the Calguns.net community members were used to choose candidates to support and endorse.

Calguns.net endorses Travis Allen for Governor in the 2018 Primary.
Travis Allen's stance on Second Amendment rights as well as his proven voting record shows him to be the best candidate for the office of Governor for California's firearms owners, shooter, hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts. Find out what you can do to help elect a pro-2A Governor by going to https://jointravisallen.com/

Calguns.net endorses Bob Lindsey for Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
Bob Lindsey's experience, integrity and stance on all aspects of 2A rights including ‘Shall Issue’ has earned him both an 'A' rating with CRPA (the only 'A' rating in the L.A. Sheriff's race) and the support and endorsements of Calguns.net and the Calguns.net community! Help elect a pro-2A/pro- Shall Issue Sheriff in L.A. County, https://sheriffboblindsey.com/

Calguns.net endorses Sydne Jane Michel for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Seat # 16
Sydne Jane Michel respects the rule of law and the constitution, brings extensive experience as a civil attorney and prosecutor and understands the need to be fair but also tough on violent criminals. The election of Judges is frequently overlooked, often to our detriment. Help elect a Judge that respects your rights and the Constitution, https://www.michelforjudge.com/

You CAN make a difference in this election so get registered and VOTE June 5th!!!

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