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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Canvas Size

Above, Asya with the chosen canvas size. 

Asya and I discussed the canvas size for the landscape painting she's doing for me of the three mesas that are across the valley from Jamestown, New Mexico.

She sent several pictures of different canvas sizes and the dimensions on the labels on each canvas were in centimeters. I had to use a conversion website to figure out each one in inches. I also measured the space on the wall where the painting will eventually be hung.

I settled on the 70 x 90 cm (pictured at top) canvas, which converts to 25.55 x 35.43 inches.

The oil painting will be based on this rough watercolor sketch:


UPDATE (5/17/18):

We decided to bump up the canvas size to 27 x 39" (or 70 x 100 cm) due to composition considerations.

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