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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Enchiladas Tonight

Above, enchiladas from Genaro's in Gallup. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Since it has been about a month since I last had Mexican food (New Mexico-style), I am thinking on heading to Genaro's in Gallup this evening for some enchiladas. Yes, I am craving Mexican food.

I suppose I can stand sweating like a fiend today since the enchilada sauce is hotter than hell. Thank God they have a nice big napkin dispenser on each table for patrons to wipe off the perspiration.

Red or green enchilada sauce? Well, I found a website that discusses the difference between the two New Mexico sauces.

They wrote:
Red or green?  That's the question you'll be asked in every New Mexican restaurant.  In fact, New Mexico is the only state in the USA that has an official state question:  "Red or Green?"  I learned that on my first trip through New Mexico, and, I was further told, "if you're not asked this question in a New Mexican restaurant, you're not eating New Mexican food."  While many of us out-of-staters (who love our Mexican and Texican fare) generically refer to this type of red or green chile pepper- or powder-based sauce as "enchilada sauce", and, mistakenly assume it's reserved for enchiladas, in New Mexico, you'll learn that almost everything gets smothered in it.  You name it, the dish gets sauced.  Can't decide?  Just answer "Christmas" -- they'll bring you both.

I don't think I am too daring to answer "Christmas" at the restaurant. Since I survived the red sauce the last time, I'll just go with that.

Small wonder that the New Mexico Motor Vehicles Department offers "Chile Capital of the World" license plates.

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