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Friday, June 8, 2018

Flying J and the U.S. Flag

Above, the Jamestown, New Mexico Flying J. The flagpoles (right) are
flagless. But I took the photo at 5:22 in the afternoon. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

A friend said that his family no longer patronizes Flying J travel centers as they no longer fly the U.S. flag as it (allegedly) offends foreigners.

I never heard of this. But Fox News has a story on how this flag issue came about:
A gas station company is pushing back against accusations a man made in a viral Facebook post claiming that one its stores wasn’t flying the American flag because “foreigners come in here complaining.” 
Dave Moore, a self-described trucker, said on Facebook two weeks ago that he stopped by a Pilot Flying J location in Amarillo, Texas, and noticed that there was no Old Glory in sight. In a video that was viewed more than a million times before being removed, Moore claimed that he asked an employee about the missing flag and was told "foreigners come in here complaining, and they didn't want to lose the foreigners' business," The State reported.
The story apparently made the rounds on social media, which prompted Flying J to respond.

Flying J Tweeted:
We are proudly American - started by a Korean War veteran 60 years ago. Pilot Flying J shows that pride in all of our locations, whether that is a flag outside, promoting military products in our stores, or through our philanthropic efforts with Wreaths Across America and Fisher House Foundation. At store #436 in Amarillo,Texas, we are in the process of repairing the flag pole, which was damaged. We regret our team member was misinformed. Our intent is to raise the flag as soon as the pole is repaired and proper flag protocols are in place to show it the respect it deserves.
Snopes says the charge is "unproven".

Inside Flying J travel centers, they sell products (t-shirts, towels, hats and other merchandise) emblazoned with the U.S. flag. The one in Jamestown, New Mexico even sells fireworks(!) hats and shirts that are anti-liberal snowflakes and pro-NRA.

To read more, go here.

UPDATE (11:45 AM):

I drove down to the Flying J (Jamestown, NM) and they have three flagpoles, but none of them have flags. This was taken moments ago. The ropes did look frayed. Perhaps that's the reason?

UPDATE (12:34 PM):

I heard back from Flying J:
Hi Armand- Thanks for reaching out. We are in the process of repairing all flag poles at our U.S. locations so the American flag can be properly flown. This will be complete by the end of July. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.

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