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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Free CA and AZ Camping Guides

Above, The Beast at Mammoth Mountain RV Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

OMG! The Los Angeles Times finally posted something useful!

At least, it's useful for those who want to find a campground in California or Arizona.

They have an article on two campground guides for those states.

They wrote:
Here are two free guides that can help you find private tent and RV camping sites in California and Arizona — and a whole lot more. Some locations offer stays in cabins, cottages, vintage Airstream trailers, covered wagons, African safari tents and tepees. 
The deal: The 2018 Camp-California! guide offers details about 300-plus privately owned and operated campgrounds. You’ll also find amenities such as pools and playgrounds for kids in the 80-page guide compiled by the California Assn. of RV Parks. 
The 2018-19 Arizona RV and Camping Guide details locations and amenities for 90 campgrounds in its 32-page guide. Check out camping extras such as a pool and on-site laundry at Munds Park RV Resort while touring the northern part of the state. You can order a free copy by emailing arizonaarvc@aol.com or a digital version at www.GoCampingInArizona.com.

For more information (including links), go here.

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