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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Great Visit!

Above, the new blanket on the backrest of the sofa in the den. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

My friend Mitch Geriminsky has departed this morning for his meeting/convention in Albuquerque.

It was a nice visit and we did a few things (such as attending the Indian nightly dancing in Gallup). We also got a few things fixed.

We found that every cooling vent (4 of them) had cardboard and/or duct tape blocking the air flow. We removed them and now the air flows nicely out of all of the vents. Also, we found that the water line to the swamp cooler on the roof was disconnected. We re-connected it. It also leaked. But all it needed was a new washer. So we went to Home Depot in Gallup and got some washers. Once installed, the leaks ceased.

Thankfully, he is very knowledgeable about operating swamp coolers and it is now working perfectly and the house is now cooling fine. Swamp coolers operate differently than air conditioners and I knew diddly-squat about them. Until now.

We went to a few Indian gift stores while Mitch was here. He just bought a home in Lake Havasu, Arizona and is looking for decorating it in a Southwest motif. While at one gift shop, I think it was an Armand Ortega Indian Market, I bought a small wool Indian blanket for the backrest of the sofa/bed in the den/guestroom. It looks great!

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