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Friday, June 22, 2018

Time's Migrant "Boo-Hoo" Cover A Fraud!

Time Magazine has stooped pretty low in the past, and they have done so again with this week's magazine cover of President Donald Trump standing over a crying migrant child.

The cover is intended to pull at people's heartstrings over the separation of migrant children from their parents who have been arrested at the border.

The problem is that the picture of the child is a fraud. Her father stated that she was never separated from her mother. They were from Honduras.

According to Fox News:
A little girl shown in a viral photo crying as a U.S. Border Patrol agent detained her mother – and used by TIME magazine to symbolize the Trump administration's family separation policy – reportedly was never separated from her mom. 
“Welcome to America,” declared a somber TIME cover, which showed the picture of the Honduran child Yanela Sanchez next to a towering President Trump. 
TIME called it “an image America could not ignore” and interviewed the photographer, as did other outlets. TIME followed up with another article entirely about the cover and “the story behind” it. 
But multiple outlets interviewed the father of the girl behind the iconic image, and he said he had learned that his two-year-old daughter was detained with her mother at a facility in Texas, and the two were not separated at all. The Honduran government confirmed his version of events to Reuters. 
The Washington Post reported that the mother, Sandra Sanchez, had previously been deported in 2013 to Honduras. Her husband told the Post that she left without telling him she was taking Yanela with her and couldn’t contact her. But then he saw the picture on the news. 
He also said he did not support his wife’s decision to make the perilous trek to the U.S. and that they have three other children together.

The cover is typical liberal B.S. 

President Trump signed an executive order putting a moratorium on family separations. But the Democrats, under Sen. Charles Schumer's orders, are unwilling to cooperate in getting an immigration reform bill passed.

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