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Monday, June 18, 2018

Visit A National Park...For Your Health

Above, a view of the Grand Canyon. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Did you know that visiting a national park or pretty much any kind of natural environment has health benefits?

According to an article in Next Avenue, it does.

They wrote:
Frederick Law Olmsted was a visionary. Recognizing a need in society that many others missed in the 1800s, he designed the incredible grounds of New York City’s Central Park. 
He knew that people of all ages, whether in urban or rural areas, need to spend time outside — basking in the sun, walking through a park, running against the wind or simply opening a window for some fresh air. 
This philosophy has stood the test of time and now has scientific research to back it up. Finnish Forest Research Institute found that people began to feel psychologically restored after just 15 minutes of sitting outside in a park or forest. 
The good news for everyone is that it’s pretty easy to get outside and add at least one new healthy activity into your life, and you can likely do it at a park near you. 

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