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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How To Choose The Right RV and Dealership

Above, RVs of all kinds at the Trailer Village RV Park in Roswell, New Mexico. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

If you are in the market to buy a recreational vehicle, it is something that great thought should be put into before purchasing.

Those who are experienced RV owners already know (for the most part) what to look for when shopping (a RV show is the best place to compare units and brands) for a RV. Such was my case when I purchased my Winnebago Minnie Winnie. I previously owned a pop-up trailer (tent trailer) and a micro-mini Class C motorhome.

The Daily Sentinel has an article on how to choose the right RV and dealership (not all are created equal).

They begin with:
Recreational vehicles are a great way to see the country and allow owners the freedom to travel, perhaps spending time with far-flung family or spending family time up in the mountains. 
They are great for fun and vacations, but they are a huge investment. And investing in one is a lot more complicated than buying in a car. 
Your first step in purchasing an RV is to ask yourself what you would like to do in your recreational vehicle. Are you using it to travel the country or do you want to be out in the desert away from it all? What sizes and styles do you prefer? Are you partial to purchasing a new or used RV? 
Are you planning on using your RV for weekend trips, week-long vacations or as a second home in the winter, where you'll be in an RV park somewhere sunny and snowless? Perhaps you're ready to sell your home and live full-time in an RV. 
The more time you spend in your RV, the more carefully you need to consider your purchase. For full-timers, it may feel like you're buying real estate.

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