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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Grocery Adjusting To New Reality

Above, the "Three Mesas" by Asya. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Today was uneventful (I've had enough eventful days to last me a while) as I spent the day relaxing and reading. All this while listening to a Navajo country music station (they just played Elvis's "Crying In The Chapel" and then Walter Brennan's "The Touch of the Master's Hand").

I did make a trek to Gallup to pick up some groceries. Instead of white bread, I got multigrain bread (it tastes surprisingly good). Instead of ice cream, I got strawberries and non-cholesterol angel food cake (the only deviation is some Redi-Whip). Instead of salty and sugary snacks, I bought bananas (great source of potassium for the heart). Oatmeal (a cholesterol fighter). Low fat milk. Russet potatoes.

I was going to grill some salmon tonight, but the filet wasn't completely thawed. So I went to Denny's and had some chicken. I haven't had beef since my aborted lunch (a French dip sandwich) at Bella's in Wells, Nevada nine days ago. I'll have the salmon tomorrow.

I bought a few other things. The cost of living here in Gallup is apparently lower as the total grocery bill was just under $26. A great place for retirees!

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