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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Unveiling At The Odyssey

Above, enjoying the view from the Odyssey Restaurant.

The portrait unveiling party is now in the history books.

We had a nice little group (about 20) at the party at the Odyssey Restaurant. It was a mix of old friends, new friends and art industry people as well as friends of artist Asya. The party included tunes from Frank Sinatra and James Bond themes (both were Asya's picks).

Since a picture is worth a thousand words (besides, I am a little worn out), here's a few:

Above, Dawn Brown and Asya.

Above, Armand and Dawn.

Above, Asya with one of her cigar painting and cigars.

Above, the group gathers for the unveiling.

Above, Armand and Asya unveil the painting.

Above, Asya and Armand after the unveiling.

Above, cell phone picture-taking.

Above, Asya, Armand and Dawn.

Above, a little silliness.

Above, yours truly.

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