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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Possible Plan Change

The plan was to go this coming weekend out to the Gen. George S. Patton Memorial Museum out in Chiriaco Summit in the desert to look for my dad's memorial brick and do some camping.

But, since we are about to acquire a new family member the day after tomorrow, I think I may postpone the trip a week or two so she can get used to her new environment.

Since I plan to take Sierra on RV trips, I am going to pick her up in The Beast to see how she takes to it. Since she is being spayed tomorrow, she will probably sleep in her carrier. We'll see. As such, I ordered a 12-volt fan from Camping World for the RV so that when we travel and she has to be left inside, she will have good air circulation and cooling during summer months.

I did pick up a few things at Pet Smart yesterday. First, I got her a "cat tree" (pictured above) to climb on and sharpen her claws. Then, I got her a watering pagoda that will supply her with constant filtered water. I put it together last night and have been running it. I like the sound of it.

Lastly, I got her some more toys. As I told Amber yesterday, this cat is going to be spoiled rotten (since I can afford to do so). 


Jim Nolt said...

Have you had other pets, Armand?

Armand Vaquer said...

Jim, yes! Lots of them over the years. Including turtles/tortoises, cats, dogs, toads, birds, hamsters, etc. - A.

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