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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Made It To The Gate

Above, the locked gate to Cibola National Forest/Six Mile Canyon. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

With the day's temperature at 55°, today was a great day to do some Jeep driving.

As usual, I drove around our community, Mesa Ridge Ranch and then on Six Mile Canyon Road. Since it was warmer today than it had been, I wore the camo jacket my cousin gave me for Christmas. She had the Jeep in mind when she bought it.

Above, just beyond the locked gate to Cibola National Forest at Mesa Ridge Ranch. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

I mentioned a few days ago that part of Six Mile Canyon Road was washed out at the big culvert, with a layer of mud. At the time I went there a few days ago, nobody attempted crossing the washed-out spot to go to the gate of Cibola National Forest.

Above, at the gate to Cibola National Forest/Six Mile Canyon and old corral. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Today, I saw that someone did cross it and left tracks. I stopped for a bit and studied the path of the tracks. It appeared that the mud wasn't as deep as it seemed a few days ago. I decided to give a crossing a try.

Above, the road into Six Mile Canyon beyond the gate. Photo by Armand Vaqeur.

I threw the Jeep into 4 wheel drive and crossed the muddy area without any difficulty. I then proceeded to the gate of Cibola National Forest/Six Mile Canyon. The gate, of course, was closed and locked. It will be closed through March 31. I am looking forward to when it re-opens (April 1st, I presume) so I can enjoy drives in Six Mile Canyon.

Above, the old corral and gate to Cibola National Forest/Six Mile Canyon. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Afterwards, I headed back (and, again, successfully crossed the muddy washed-out spot in 4 wheel drive) and headed home for a break of a cigar and some Alien Amber Ale.

After my break, I did some more driving (mainly up the hill on Whispering Cedars Road and the Birch Road loop). When that was done, I decided to call it a day.

Above, the Alien Amber Ale break. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

All in all, it was an enjoyable day.

Anyone Need A Little Ol' Tractor?

Down at the horse Christmas's fenced-in yard near the Jamestown fire station, a small old Ford tractor sits with a "for sale" sign.

The sign has only a phone number on it, so I don't know what the asking price is.

Some photos of it:

Rep. Ron Estes On The Second Amendment

Above, the Second Amendment Rally at The Roundhouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

This is something that Governors Northam, Lujan Grisham, Newsom and others should pay close attention to.

CPAC 2020 is being held this weekend and Rep. Ron Estes has explained the purpose of the Second Amendment.

The Daily Caller reported:
Kansas Republican Rep. Ron Estes pulled no punches when describing the purpose of the Second Amendment during a panel discussion at CPAC 2020 on Friday. 
“The primary goal of having a well regulated militia is to make sure we protect ourselves from the government,” he told his audience, distancing himself from those who support the right to bear arms for solely sporting purposes. 
He also outlined “3 differents standpoints,” from which the Second Amendment can be understood. A person may choose to bear arms for defence against their fellow citizens, for hunting, or to resist tyranny, explained the congressman. 
Estes was joined in this position by former Representative Brat who agreed that the Second Amendment “ain’t there for hunting folks, it’s there to protect us from tyrannical governments.” 

If these governors and other politicians want to rule as tyrants, the people can constitutionally overthrow them via the Second Amendment.

To read more, go here.

Good Weekend Weather

Above, Barking Spider Acre from the neighbor's horse corral yesterday. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

It looks like it will be a nice day today to be outdoors. It is forecast to reach a high of 56° today, which is great for Jeep driving.

Tomorrow will also be nice out, although it will be a little cooler.

Above, the neighbor's horse. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Then all that may change on Monday with a "slight" chance of snow showers and rain through Monday night. What a way to usher in March.

From the National Weather Service:

Mostly sunny, with a high near 56. Light south wind becoming west 10 to 15 mph in the morning.
Partly cloudy, with a low around 26. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph.
Mostly sunny, with a high near 53. Southwest wind 10 to 15 mph increasing to 15 to 20 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 30 mph.
Sunday Night
Partly cloudy, with a low around 27. Southwest wind 15 to 20 mph decreasing to 5 to 10 mph after midnight.
A slight chance of snow showers before 11am, then a chance of rain showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 42. South wind 5 to 10 mph becoming northwest in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 50%.
Monday Night
A slight chance of rain and snow showers before 11pm. Partly cloudy, with a low around 25. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Coronavirus In Japan?

California Democrats Introduce Bill For Gender-Neutral Kids Clothes and Toys In Department Stores

The Looney Left Report

Leave it to the lunatics in Commiefornia to come up with more idiotic legislation to shove their wacko ideas on the state's citizens.

The latest comes from Footwear News:
If passed, a California bill introduced last week would require some large retailers to have gender-neutral areas for children’s apparel and toys within their stores. 
Assembly Bill 2826 would require retail stores that carry children’s clothing and shoes, toys and/or other child-care items to include some floor space where all products are displayed, regardless of whether those goods have been traditionally marked for girls or boys. 
Introduced by California State Assemblymember Evan Low, the bill would apply only to department stores with 500 or more employees. The bill would go into effect beginning in 2023 and carry a civil penalty of $1,000.

What exactly are "gender-neutral" clothing items? Mao Zedong suits?

Every day the lunatic Commiefornia Democrats come up with more schemes to ruin the once "Golden State" and turning it into a sh*thole, the gladder I am that I moved out.

To read more, go here.

Santa Clara Forms Gun Confiscation Team

Democrats will try to deny (well, at least some are) that they're out to take peoples' guns. But their actions are proving otherwise and the evidence is mounting.

The latest is from sunny Commiefornia. Specifically, Santa Clara.

From Liberty Nation:
California continues to proudly lead the charge toward a disarmed citizenry. In the latest attack on the Second Amendment, Santa Clara County is forming what they call a “county gun team” – a unit of lawyers, analysts, and prosecutors authorized to seek out and confiscate firearms from those the state feels shouldn’t have them. 
Okay, Fine. We’re Coming For Your Guns 
Remember when Democrats used to try to mollify armed Americans by saying, “No one’s coming for your guns” with every incremental gun control measure they proposed? Well, it’s official: They’re coming for the guns – some of them, at least. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. As Liberty Nation’s Graham J. Noble once wrote, “Democrats have never come across a gun restriction they didn’t like.” 
The Santa Clara Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve funding for the proposal, which was put forth by board president Cindy Chavez. The team will consist of seven people – three crime analysts, two lawyers, and two prosecutors. They will be tasked with identifying those who have been ordered to surrender their weapons and ensure these dangerous people aren’t still armed. If necessary, they’ll obtain search warrants for local law enforcement to go and take the guns.
To read more, go here

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Six Mile Canyon Road and Mesa Ridge Ranch

Above, the Jeep at the washed-out section of road. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

This afternoon was spent doing some maintenance on the GOCO Beast Barn and The Beast. I hadn't fired up the generator since I was in California in December, so it was a bit overdue. So I started it up and ran it while shoveling some of the gravel at the big door.

Above, the washed-out area of Six Mile Canyon Road. The turn to Cibola National
 Forest is where the signs are at the top of the hill. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

After I was done, I did some Jeep driving in the community and took some jaunts on Six Mile Canyon Road and into Mesa Ridge Ranch. Yesterday was too cold out to do anything. Right now, it is a nice 55° outside.

Above, the "culprit  culvert" under Interstate 40. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Six Mile Canyon/Cibola National Forest will be open to vehicles after March 31, but I wanted to see if Six Mile Canyon Road is still washed out at the big culvert under Interstate 40.

Above, the windshield view of the washed-out area. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

So I drove there and, sure enough, it was still washed out, but it was not as deep as a layer of mud flowed in. The washed-out area looks now to be about six inches deep. The mud that partially filled it looks as if nobody attempted any recent crossings. It was all smooth. I wasn't going to "blaze any trails" through it. The locals say that this happens here every year. If the mud hardens in the coming weeks, it should be passable.

Above, the Jeep on Six Mile Canyon Road. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

I hope the Forest Service arranges for repairs to the road so people can have access to the national forest.

Above, on Maverick Road in Mesa Ridge Ranch. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

I then turned around and headed back and over to Mesa Ridge Ranch. Nothing was going on there, including any construction.

According to the National Weather Service, it should get to around 55° tomorrow, same as today.

NM "Red Flag Law" In American Military News

Above, Gov. Lujan Grisham signing away constitutional rights. Facebook photo.

The news that Gov. "Malevolent Michelle" Lujan Grisham signed the "red flag" bill into law is meandering its way in many news outlets.

The latest is the American Military News.

They wrote:
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a new gun control measure into law, allowing courts to temporarily confiscate firearms from non-criminal individuals identified as a risk of harming themselves or others. Grisham also told law enforcement that they must enforce the new law, or consider resignation. 
Grisham signed the Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order Act on Tuesday, CNN reported. A total of 17 other states have already signed some form of extreme risk protective orders, commonly referred to as “red flag” laws, into effect. New Mexico will become the 18th state with a “red flag” law on its books. 
“The Legislature had the strength to pass this measure because we all recognize: Enough is enough,” Grisham said in a statement. “This law is sensible and balanced. It is a good public safety measure. If it saves even one life, and it will, we will have done good work here.” 
The “red flag” legislation was a key priority for Grisham and she insisted that law enforcement officials carry out the confiscatory orders despite their objections. 
“They cannot not enforce,” Grisham said before signing the law into effect. “And if they really intend to do that, they should resign as a law enforcement officer and leader in that community.”

Opponents of the measure, including both gun rights advocates and law enforcement officers, have claimed the law does not allow for due process. 
Tony Mace, the head of the New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association, warned in a weekend letter that the law does not allow gun owners to defend themselves when police initially arrive to enforce a confiscation order. 
“Citizens have a right to bear arms and we cannot circumvent that right when they have not even committed a crime or even been accused of committing one,” Mace wrote. “‘Shall not be infringed’ is a very clear and concise component of an Amendment that our forefathers felt was important enough to be recognized immediately following freedom of speech and religion.”
Earlier in February, hundreds of gun rights activists rallied at the New Mexico capital in Santa Fe, in opposition to the proposed legislation. Thirty of 33 of Santa Fe’s sheriffs had opposed the legislation and several were present during the protest.
It is ironic that Malevolent Michelle says that the sheriffs who won't enforce the "red flag" law should resign. If anyone should resign, it is the Governor. If she cannot uphold her oath of office and defend the constitutions of the U.S. and New Mexico, she should be the one to resign.

To read more, go here

Michigan County Affirms Second Amendment Rights

Although it falls short of actually declaring itself a "Second Amendment Sanctuary County", Dickinson County in Michigan passed a resolution affirming Second Amendment rights.

The Iron Mountain Daily News (Michigan) reported:
IRON MOUNTAIN — The Dickinson County Board affirmed its support of “the right of people to keep and bear arms” in a resolution passed Monday night before scores of gun rights advocates.

Dickinson’s resolution is similar to one adopted last month in Marquette County in response to a public proposal to establish a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.” 
Like the Marquette measure, Dickinson County’s resolution falls short of the sanctuary idea, but does declare a “commitment and promise” to support individual rights. 
Over the course of 30 minutes, 13 people addressed the board to promote the sanctuary county movement, while two citizens spoke against it. 
Second Amendment sanctuary declarations are aimed at blocking enforcement of gun laws perceived to be in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Such resolutions are touted as an effective way to resist gun control legislation, although they don’t carry the force of law. 
The idea is inspired by so-called sanctuary cities that limit their cooperation with aspects of federal immigration enforcement. 
Delta County became a Second Amendment sanctuary earlier this month in a 3-2 vote by the county board. Commissioner David Moyle described the action as “a symbolic resolution” that “does not have the weight of law.” The Delta resolution does, however, support the county’s sheriff and prosecuting attorney in the exercise of their discretion to not enforce unconstitutional firearms laws.

To read more, go here

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

$4 Million In Upgrades Planned For Devils Tower National Monument

Above, Devils Tower. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Some people may not know Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming by name, but they'd certainly recognize it if they saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977).

The national monument is to have about $4 million in upgrades.

KNBN NewsCenter 1 reported:
GILLETTE, Wyo. (The Gillette (Wyo.) News Record) — The National Park Service is about to begin facility and trail work totaling almost $4 million in Devils Tower National Monument. 
The work will include making an overlook trail more accessible to people who are in wheelchairs or have other physical limitations.
Speaking of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a KOA Kampground outside of the national monument screens the movie nightly for guests.

To read more, go here.

Things To Do In Oatman, Arizona

Above, the Olive Oatman Restaurant & Saloon. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Summer vacation season is only a little over three months away and now is the time to start thinking and planning for a vacation trip.

One idea that should be considered is a visit to Oatman, Arizona. It is near the California-Arizona border on Historic Route 66. There is plenty to see and do in Oatman and the Tattooed Travelers has listed several of them.

They begin with:
Tucked away in the Black Mountains of Mohave County, Oatman, Arizona is an old gold mining spot located along the famous Route 66. 
Once a deserted ghost town, today Oatman solely survives off tourist shops/attractions that lure visitors who come to see the well preserved period-specific architecture & wild burros that roam the streets. 
*Keep reading Things To Do On A Oatman Route 66 Stop In Arizona below!
Above, yours truly with a couple of wild burros in Oatman. Photo by Mitch Geriminsky.

To read more, go here

Korean War Willys Jeep M38A1 Photos

A little while ago, I scanned a couple of photos from a book my dad left me, The Forgotten War...Remembered, on the Korean War for two M38A1 Facebook pages.

These photos feature a Willys Jeep M38A1 (the same model I have) in them along with the original texts for each.

The first:

"U.S. 3rd Infantry Division tank company coming off the front lines at Capitol Hill Area, North Korea, July 27, 1953."

The second:

"Marilyn Monroe at Tank Co., 35th Inf. Regt., 25th U.S. Infantry Div., March 1954."

January RV Shipments Jumped 29% Over Last Year

Above, two new Coachmen Orion Class C motorhomes in transit at
 the Flying J in Jamestown, New Mexico. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Over the past year, it was written that the RV industry was slowing down in the number of new unit shipments and sales.

You can toss that out the window as this year's RV shipments have jumped over the same period last year.

Goshen News reported:
RESTON, Va. — The shipment of recreational vehicles from manufacturers to dealers climbed 29.2% in January over the same month in 2019. 
The RV Industry Association's January survey of manufacturers found that total RV shipments ended the month with 33,003 units, up from the 25,540 units shipped in January of 2019.

At the Flying J travel center in Jamestown, New Mexico, I see many new RVs being transported (they are clearly marked with special plates, usually from the RV capital of the U.S., Indiana) to dealers further west, so I am not surprised that shipments jumped 29%.

To read more, go here.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

"Malevolent Michelle" Lujan Grisham Signs "Red Flag" Bill and Tells Sheriffs To Enforce It Or Resign

Above, New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association President Tony Mace addresses the
 January 31 Second Amendment Rally at the Roundhouse. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Governor "Malevolent Michelle" Lujan Grisham signed the "red flag" bill into law today.

While doing so, she said that sheriffs who refuse to enforce it should resign. That's funny, the sheriffs and their counties gave Grisham and her Democrat-controlled legislature notice almost a year ago when they passed resolutions declaring that any such law passed is unconstitutional and, therefore, unenforceable and declared themselves "Second Amendment Sanctuaries". Grisham and the Democrats went ahead passed and signed the "red flag" anyway.

Above, New Mexico 2A Sanctuary Counties (in green).

According to the Washington Times:
SANTA FE, N.M. — New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a red-flag gun bill Tuesday that will allow state district courts to order the temporary surrender of firearms, and she urged sheriffs to resign if they still refuse to enforce it. 
Flanked by advocates for stricter gun control and supportive law enforcement officials at a signing ceremony, Lujan Grisham said the legislation provides law enforcement authorities with an urgently needed tool to deter deadly violence by taking firearms from people who pose a threat to themselves or others. 
Some sheriffs from mostly rural areas opposed the bill in committee hearings as a violation of constitutional guarantees to due process, free speech and the right to bear arms. Public rallies were held for and against the legislation. 
Lujan Grisham said sheriffs should have the opportunity to oppose any recommended policy change, but “they cannot not enforce.” 
“”If they really intend to do that, they should resign as a law enforcement officer and leader in that community,” she said. 
New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association President Tony Mace of Cibola County said the new law goes too far by potentially impounding guns before any crime is committed and that he and other sheriffs will assert their discretion over its enforcement. 
“We don’t work for the governor, we don’t work for the Legislature,” he said. “We work for the people that elected us into office.”

Sheriff Mace posted a message to Grisham on Facebook, "Re-read the U.S Constitution as well as the New Mexico Constitution. See you in court!"

To read more, go here.

6° Tonight

Above, tonight's setting sun. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Today was spent indoors (after our morning coffee gathering at the Flying J) due to the cold outside temperatures, made worse by the winds. Although sunny, it didn't go above 34° outside today, but the wind chill made it feel like 21°.

At least I was able to entertain myself by watching The Hunt For Red October (1990) starring Sean Connery.

Tonight is going to be cold at 6°, according to the National Weather Service. At least tomorrow will be warmer at 42°.

The forecast:

Clear, with a low around 6. Wind chill values as low as -2. North wind 15 to 20 mph decreasing to 5 to 10 mph after midnight. Winds could gust as high as 30 mph.
Sunny, with a high near 42. Wind chill values as low as -3. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.

Yes, You Can...Still Go To Cuba

Above, a vintage Chevrolet in Havana. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

People have been wondering since President Trump put a stop to cruises to Cuba last year if it is still possible to go there.

According to an article in the New York Post, you can. But there's a few caveats in order to do so.

They begin with:
“I’d love to go to Cuba — but the sanctions are back on, so I guess I can’t,” a friend of mine opined recently after perusing my Instagram pics of the trip to the famed Caribbean island over New Year’s. 
This is not an uncommon sentiment. 
Ever since President Trump reinstituted trade, commercial and economic embargoes against Cuba in 2018, American travel to the country has dropped precipitously — but you can still go. In fact, airlines like Jet Blue, Delta, Southwest and American Airlines have direct flights from cities like New York City, Boston and Miami to Havana on a regular basis. 
But it can be tricky.
To read more, go here.

What To Do If You Miss The Last Train In Tokyo

Above, a Denny's restaurant in Asakusa. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Getting stranded somewhere in Tokyo after the trains and other public transit systems have shut down for the night (usually around midnight) has never happened to me, but some visitors to Tokyo have.

However, there are some options for stranded tourists and Live Japan has a list of them.

They begin with:
Missing the shūden, as the last day of the train is affectionately called, is a common occurrence among Tokyoites, especially if you’re out and having a good time with friends and family. Other cosmopolitans may be used to public transport running all night, but in Tokyo, buses and trains stop running during the night until the early hours of morning. When this last train runs depends on the line but usually, it is around midnight – easy to miss if you forget the time over a couple of drinks and an engaging conversation. Suddenly, you find yourself stranded and wonder what to do. Of course, a taxi is always an option, but taxis are notoriously expensive in Tokyo and especially if you’re far from home, the expenses might be too much to handle. Thankfully, Tokyo offers a lot of fun and affordable options to spend a night should you miss the last train!

To read more, go here

The Left's Seven Lies About Guns

Liberals have to lie about their anti-Second Amendment to get elected and enact legislation once they do get into power.

Ammoland has listed the seven fallacies (actually, lies) that come from the Left.

They begin with:
USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- With the election less than a year away, several well known liberal sources are paying for mainstream media pieces to trash the NRA and gun owners in general. The facts are on our side. Here the seven biggest lies they tell, and how to counter them.

To read more, go here

Monday, February 24, 2020

Cold and Windy

Above, Jamestown from the Iyanbito Chapter of the Navajo Nation. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The snow we had during past week is all melted away and it is going to be sunny or partly cloudy this week. The only problem is that it is going to be cold (17° tonight) during the day with tomorrow's high forecast at 31°. All that and wind.

It was in the 40s today and I was going to do some Jeep driving. But I decided against it due to the winds. Since it was so windy, I decided to take the trash container up to the road tomorrow for tomorrow's pick-up.

The next chance for snow is Sunday night.

From the National Weather Service:

Clear, with a low around 17. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.
Sunny, with a high near 31. Blustery, with a north wind 15 to 25 mph, with gusts as high as 35 mph.
Tuesday Night
Clear, with a low around 10. North wind 10 to 15 mph decreasing to 5 to 10 mph after midnight.
Sunny, with a high near 40. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.
Wednesday Night
Clear, with a low around 21. West wind around 5 mph.
Sunny, with a high near 48.
Thursday Night
Mostly clear, with a low around 21.
Mostly sunny, with a high near 50.
Friday Night
Partly cloudy, with a low around 25.
Mostly sunny, with a high near 53.
Saturday Night
Mostly cloudy, with a low around 29.
Mostly sunny, with a high near 50.
Sunday Night
A 20 percent chance of snow showers. Partly cloudy, with a low around 29.

The Beast Featured In Goulding's RV and Campground Website

Above, the page that first caught my attention with The Beast featured.

A little while ago, I was perusing Goulding's Lodge RV and Campground (at Monument Valley) website for a visit I plan to make sometime this summer.

When I went to see what the current rates for RV campsites, I saw a familiar photo of The Beast. I took the photo when I was last in Monument Valley in November 2016.

Above, The Beast featured in Goulding's RV and Campground website.

I guess Goulding's liked the photo so much that they used it on their site. That's okay, I am actually flattered.

A Gallup Personality: Leroy McCray

Above, Leroy McCray during the plaque dedication at the El Rancho Hotel & Motel. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Last August, the Lost Dutchman Chapter of E Clampus Vitus held a plaque dedication at the El Rancho Hotel & Motel.

One of the speakers during the ceremony was El Rancho's own Leroy McCray.

The El Rancho posted the following about LeRoy McCray on Facebook this morning:
Say hello to Leroy! Leroy is our resident historian and one of the first friendly faces you will encounter while visiting the El Rancho Hotel. Interestingly, Leroy is full blooded Navajo and was born and raised in the Gallup area. He served in the Marines for 4 years (thank you, sir) and once qualified for the Junior Olympics with a 4:28 mile run...wow that’s fast! He has been with our hotel for an amazing 27 years and boy does he have some stories to tell you!! Make sure to stop and say hi on your next visit and make sure to ask about a tour!

If you happen to be in Gallup, New Mexico, be sure to stop in at the El Rancho Hotel & Motel and to say hi to Leroy McCray.

Five Years With The Beast

Above, The Beast a few days after buying it. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Five years ago today, I flew down to San Diego to pick up my new 2015 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22R motorhome (known as "The Beast") at La Mesa RV. I bought it online and got a good deal (I only paid $1,000 more than my first and only offer).

When I arrived at the airport in San Diego, a representative from La Mesa RV picked me up and drove me to the dealership.

Above, La Mesa RV in San Diego. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

All I had to do while there was complete all the purchase paperwork, hand over the cashier's check, obtain insurance, do the systems check run-through and buy a few things at their accessory store.

Then, once all that was completed, I drove it off the lot and headed back to Los Angeles.

Above, my aunt Rose and I during my stop in Mission Viejo.

En route, I stopped in Mission Viejo to pay a visit to my aunt rose and cousins and show them the motorhome.

The Beast has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned.

Bob Cobert Passes Away At 95

Above, composer Bob Cobert.

Dark Shadows composer Bob Cobert has passed away at age 95, according to ShadowGram.

They posted:

Sunday, February 23, 2020
It is with great sadness that ShadowGram reports the passing of Robert “Bob” Cobert, composer of the original Dark Shadows soundtrack music. He passed away on February 19, 2020 from pneumonia at the age of 95.
Cobert’s career was characterized by its breadth and versatility. An accomplished musician, composer, musical director and arranger, Cobert distinguished himself with imaginative musical scores for film, television, theater and ballet. His work embraced jazz, classical, folk, pop, rhythm-and-blues, rock and even disco.
Few musical themes in television history are as memorable as Cobert's for the original cult 1966-71 daytime drama Dark Shadows. In addition to the scores for House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows – the 1970 and 1971 motion pictures based on the series – and the 1991 primetime mini-series revival, Cobert's genre work includes a wealth of other iconic projects with producer-director Dan Curtis such as The Strange Case of Dr. Jeykll & Mr. Hyde, The Night Stalker, Trilogy of Terror, Burnt Offerings, Dracula and Intruders. Cobert is also responsible for the sweeping soundtrack to the epic 1983 mini-series The Winds of War and was Emmy-nominated for its 1988-89 sequel, War and Remembrance, creating the largest musical score in the history of television or film.

Cruises: Floating Petri Dishes

Above, the Majesty of the Seas docked in Key West, Florida. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The outbreak of the coronavirus aboard a Celebrity cruise ship in Yokohama has focused attention on people getting sick aboard cruise ships in general.

I've been on two cruises and both times I came down with a bug. I caught a flu during a 2000 cruise to Alaska and a cold during last year's cruise to Key West and Havana. Thankfully, neither were serious, but they did make me hesitant about taking a cruise again.

Outbreaks of different diseases aboard cruise ships is the topic of an article in Japan Today. As their article describes, cruise ships are "floating petri dishes."

They wrote:
HONG KONG - Deadly viruses, chickenpox outbreaks and mass cases of the runs: Sometimes luxury cruise ship holidays are not the trips of a lifetime elderly passengers had hoped for. 
Cruise-goers have fallen sick en masse in the past, their predicament on the high seas coming into sharp focus because the holidays can cost thousands of dollars and are often marketed as trips of a lifetime. 
"Cruise ships are very prone to outbreaks of common cold and the vomiting virus," said John Oxford, professor of virology at Queen Mary University of London. "Invariably the ships are overcrowded and with so many passengers, hygiene levels can slip." 
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) logged eight outbreaks aboard cruise ships last year of the highly contagious norovirus, which causes vomiting and diarrhea -- hardly the stuff of a dream holiday. 
Measles, E. coli, chickenpox and salmonella poisoning have all broken out on cruises in recent years.
To read more, go here

Negative One-Star Reviews of Yellowstone National Park

Above, an eruption of Old Faithful Geyser. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The old saying goes, "You can't please everyone!"

Such is the case of a collection of negative reviews of one of the wonders of the U.S. (actually, the world): Yellowstone National Park.

The Casper Star-Tribune has some that will probably make readers scratch their heads or just chuckle.

Too bad these people are allowed to vote.

They begin with:
Sometimes the most amazing places on earth don't impress everyone. Here are negative online reviews for Yellowstone National Park posted on Yelp, Google and Travelocity. 

To read them, go here

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The February Dinner

Above, the dining area. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

A while ago, I got back home from our monthly dinner gathering at Gallup historian Martin Link's.

In a way, we celebrated Thanksgiving in February by having a turkey dinner. One thing caught everyone's attention (including mine) was the biggest Dutch oven anyone there had ever seen.

Above, the turkey and the big Dutch oven. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The evening was filled with good conversation and updates on the Fort Wingate preservation efforts. Will it be a Navajo historical site or a national monument? Link has to provide some information on the buildings the preservation committee wants to see preserved such as their construction, when built, when abandoned and what they were used for. He has to turn in his report in three weeks (or sooner). Dealing with government agencies is so much fun.

Above, getting the turkey ready. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The drive into Gallup was a mix of snow, rain and wind. But, by the time we left, the clouds were breaking up, so it should be a clear day tomorrow.

Some "McLintock!" Trivia

Some John Wayne/McLintock! trivia for you on a Sunday afternoon.

From IMDb:
John Wayne insisted that the role of the weak, insipid Governor be called "Cuthbert H. Humphrey", with the intention that he be seen as a parody of liberal Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, whom Wayne intensely disliked.

Above, former Vice President and Senator Hubert H. Humphrey.

Above, Robert Lowery as Gov. Cuthbert H. Humphrey in McLintock!

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