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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Snake River Whitewater Rafting

Back in July, I did some whitewater rafting on the Snake River near Jackson, Wyoming with Dave Hanson Whitewater. A separate company handled the photographs of the raft trip.

About a day after the raft trip, I ordered a couple of 5 x 7" prints of the trip, but they never arrived.

Last week, I called up the company and they told me they were mailed a day or so after I ordered them, which was around July 31.

They re-sent the order and it arrived in today's mail.

Here's the prints:

Above, our raft hitting the "Big Kahuna" rapids on the Snake River. Photo by Floatographs.

Above, after we were done with our rafting and before we went ashore. Photo by Floatographs.

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