"There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn't mind who gets the credit." - President Ronald Reagan.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Ron Peterson Firearms Becomes Internet-Only Business

Above, the Ron Peterson Firearms store last year. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Ron Peterson Firearms has announced that they are closing down their retail store and conducting business strictly online.

Last year, I purchased my Winchester 94 at their Albuquerque, New Mexico store.

Above, inside the Ron Peterson Firearms store last year. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

According to their website:

After 52 years Ron Peterson Firearms LLC is changing the way we do business.

Starting September 3, 2020, we will become an internet sales business; we will no longer conduct business face to face over the counter.

What stays the same? Ron Peterson Firearms LLC will continue to sell quality used and antique firearms of all types. We will continue to BUY all types of firearms; one at a time or estates with large collections. Always paying top dollar.

We will continue to do transfers for items you purchase on the internet.

What will change? No instore shopping. Firearms will be available on the internet. Enjoy shopping our on-line auction sites from the comfort of your home. We will no longer sell new merchandise. And we will no longer have gunsmithing services.

We will be open by appointment to purchase firearms. So, if you have something to sell contact us at (505) 260-4790 or RPguns@att.net. If you happen to be in our parking-lot wanting to sell please call (505) 260-4790 and we will promptly assist you.

We will be open by appointment for transfers or items you purchase from us on-line.

THANK YOU to the thousands of customers who have supported Ron Peterson Firearms LLC over the last 52 years. We hope you continue shop with us at our on-line auctions.

After September 3rd visit our website www.RonPetersonFirearms.com for links to our online auctions. We can always be reached at our email RPguns@att.net or leave a message at (505) 255-8695 .


Ron Peterson

P.S. If you have firearms to sell please contact us at (505) 260-4790 or email us at RPguns@att.net.If you happen to be in our parking-lot wanting to sell please call (505) 260-4790 and we will assist you.

Flyin' The Flag

Above, the flag went up yesterday and will remain
up through the election. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

By the way, Trump will be in New Mexico within the next few weeks.

Mark Levin: "Last Night’s Debate"

Commentator Mark Levin posted his thoughts on last night's debate on Facebook. As usual, he's right on target.

In its entirety:

 As I reflect on last night’s debate, Biden pulled the same stunts on the president as he pulled on Paul Ryan eight years earlier, but Trump would have none of it.

Biden was making faces, rolling his eyes, interrupting the president with laughs and jabs, and was long-winded, which the moderator allowed to a ridiculous level. He was also allowed much longer opportunities uninterrupted by the moderator to speak, which Biden used to hurl one nasty lie after another. The president is a counter-puncher and often was forced to try to muscle his way in to address Biden’s list of attacks as he wasn’t given opportunities to reply.

The moderator’s liberal bias was obvious in the nature of many of the questions, as was his dislike of the president when he’d get into arguments with the president over policy while mostly letting Biden get away with whoppers.

The moderator knows the governors shutdown the economy not the president, the moderator knows the president didn’t kill over 200,000 Americans, the moderator knows Antifa is a real group, the moderator knows that the “science” of man-made climate change is in dispute, etc., but it seemed like none and certainly little of his correcting or challenging was aimed at Biden or, even worse, he’d insert his views into the questioning and follow up. If he was truly interested in tax returns, why did he ignore Biden’s use of an S-1 corporation to get around paying over half a million dollars in payroll taxes, including Social Security, or mention that the New York Times article itself states that Trump paid approximately $24 million in the alternative minimum tax. If you’re going to bring it up, then get it right.

Unlike most commentators I’m reading this morning, who either declare a plague on all their houses or are more critical of the president than Biden, I see it differently. Biden’s strategy was as a disrupter who was prepared with memorized attack lines and falsehoods, which he rattled off like a machine gun. Biden's handlers figured such a debate — going from hiding in the basement and limiting press availability to a debate brawl — would continue to protect Biden from real scrutiny for his past record and his current embrace of truly extremist policies as set forth in his 110-page manifesto. Biden’s obvious strategy, plus the moderator’s predictable approach, was infuriating.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Trump-Biden One: Closest Thing To A True Debate Ever

Well, the debate tonight between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden was certainly a far cry from the Reagan-Carter debate of 1980.

If anyone wanted to see the closest thing to a true debate, rather than a glorified press conference, this was it. Both men "took it" to each other, sometimes bordering on fierceness.

Moderator Chris Wallace showed his bias against President Trump when he would admonish Trump for his interruptions, but not when Biden interrupted. Wallace is being skewered on this on social media.

Trump was being Trump. Since he was essentially debating both Wallace and Biden, I can understand why he had to interrupt to get his points in. Trump, I felt, was more effective when he held back and let Biden ramble on. I wished he didn't interrupt so much. But Biden is not off the hook on that either.

Biden rarely directly answered the questions put to him. He would have be far better off if he showed respect, if not to Trump, but at least to the office. Telling Trump to "shut up" and calling him a "clown" hurt his cause. He came off as a nasty old man. He clearly lost his cool in telling the President to "shut up." Not good. He also talked over the President while he was speaking, but Wallace hardly rebuked him. 

Still, despite the bias by Wallace, this was the closest thing to seeing a true debate we've ever seen on television for the presidency since the invention of television. Each man gave as good as he got.

I don't think too many minds were changed tonight. It'll be interesting to hear El Rushbo's take tomorrow. I'll be adding the more interesting reactions as I see them.

Meanwhile, Rush's brother David Limbaugh posted:

I don’t quite understand why some on our side expect Trump to have a personality transplant at every tense moment in the campaign. He is what he is. he’s a warrior. But as far as governance — OMG he’s been outstanding.

Actor James Woods posted:

 Donald Trump is a blood and guts gladiator. Joe Biden is a tired old husk.

Commentator Mark Levin:

Biden got away with endless lies and cheap shots.  The questions were mostly asked from a left perspective  ("the science of climate change," what's wrong with "critical race theory" training," etc.) and Biden went unchallenged by the moderator far too often.   For example, for months Biden was silent about the riots, he has no real plan for the coronavirus, he supports public funding for abortion, etc.  I'd also be interested in seeing the time allocation as well as it certainly seemed to me that Biden had more time.  The president had to force his way into the discussion at times, he was quite good on specifics and getting his issues into the debate.  Biden unleashed repeated personal attacks, including resorting to name-calling,  like "clown," "racist," "shut up," etc.  And Biden looked 10-years older than his 77 years.  More thoughts tomorrow.


Conservative Dana Loesch wrote on Twitter:

Never allow Chris Wallace to moderate another debate again. This was an absolute shit show. The viewer wasn’t even a secondary concern.

Bill O'Reilly:

Chris Wallace doesn’t have the facts at his command about the Ukraine payments made to Biden’s son that Trump brought up. Big mistake by Mr. Wallace.

Presidential Debate 1 Tonight

Above, President Trump at a rally in Newport News, Virginia September 25.

Tonight, the first debate between President Trump and former Vice President Biden takes place at 7:00 MDT.

According to Wikipedia:

The 2020 United States presidential debates between the major candidates in the 2020 United States presidential election are being sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Three debates between the presidential candidates are scheduled to take place on September 29, October 15, and October 22, 2020. Wikipedia

Presidential debate dates: Sep 29, Oct 15, Oct 22 Source

Vice presidential debate date: Oct 7


USS Arizona Memorial Reopens

Above, the USS Arizona Memorial. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Hawaii may be in quarantine now, but there is some good news.

The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor reopened yesterday for socially distanced tours. It is limited to 50 people per shuttle boat.

According to Hawaii News Now:

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - After a long hiatus, tours to the USS Arizona Memorial have resumed and access to the Pearl Harbor National Memorial visitor center is open again.

Acting Superintendent Scott Burch said park staff are elated to welcome members of the public back.

“We encourage the public to visit the memorial to pay their respects to the thousands of Americans and their families who served, suffered and sacrificed during that fateful period in world history.”

To read more, go here

Monday, September 28, 2020

Today's Mailboxes

Some nice things arrived in today's mailboxes (snail mail and electronically).

First, the snail mailbox included an envelope from XSNGH Glenn Thornhill (thanks, Glenn) which contained an interesting 1941 booklet on Apache National Forest (pictured above) by the Forest Service and Dept. of Agriculture. Apache National Forest extends from Flagstaff, Arizona to 200 miles into New Mexico.

The booklet is loaded with photographs and a big pull-out map.

Next, Asya sent over 25 photographs (thanks, Asya) via WhatsApp of her paintings, studio and of Crimea, where she's currently vacationing. They are all beautiful photos.

Here's one of her with a painting:

RV Supply Store

Above, Camping World in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

When RVing, trips to the RV supply store may be fun while you're there, but they may also put a big dent in your wallet.

There are things one should get for their rig and there are also things that may seem good to have, but they are totally unnecessary.

Do It Yourself RV has an article on this topic that RVers should read.

They begin it with:

For most RVers, visiting the RV supply store is like being a kid in a candy store. So many useful products are on the shelves and all of them can make your camping experience a little easier and more comfortable. 

Unfortunately, most of us just don’t have enough money (or space in the RV) to buy them all. So, we rounded up some of the best products to pick up at the RV supply store, as well as a few items you could probably go without.

To read more, go here

Wow! A Celebrity With A Brain!

Above, Kirstie Alley as Lt. Saavik in Star Trek II.

While posting a blog post onto Twitter, a Tweet by actress Kirstie Alley (Star Trek II, Cheers) popped up:

It is refreshing to see that not all Hollywood celebrities are political lunatics. Kirstie Alley nailed it!

Dinner Group Last Night

Above, the dining area before everyone arrived. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Last evening, we had our first dinner group dinner in months historian Martin Link's home. It was nice to see everyone after at least six or seven months.

Discussion on what's happening in the Gallup, New Mexico area was interesting.

Due to the pandemic, decisions on what to do with Fort Wingate have been put on hold. Much of the problem rests with the governor, who runs her staff like a dictator. But, an infusion of funds for the Fort Wingate project is about to arrive, and it is a sizable amount. I just hope it isn't wasted on any legal battles and that it goes instead in making Fort Wingate a historic site that people can visit and learn its history.

It was proposed that some portions of Fort Wingate be turned over to a couple of Indian tribes, but that idea is not flying as neither tribe wants to be next to each other. One wants use their portion of land to open their own casino, which would be "too close for comfort" for the existing Fire Rock Navajo Casino.

Martin celebrated his 86th birthday on Saturday and we celebrated that. The man keeps very busy and that's what keeps him in good health for his age.

Some photos:

Above, a Micky Mouse kachina? Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Above, a more traditional kachina. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Above, dessert time. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Above, Martin (center) about to give his projects updates. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Honeyville Souvenirs

Above, Honeyville's sign in front. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

This morning, I was having a discussion about some souvenirs I bought at Honeyville in Durango, Colorado with my "honorary sister". Honeyville is a honey factory north of town and they have a gift store. I took some pictures of them.

I picked up a bottle of their rum and a couple of jars of their jams.

Above, a good rum from Honeyville. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

I tried out the rum already with some Coca Cola. It tasted quite good! It was as good, if not better than the rum I bought in Havana last year.

Above, the jams I bought at Honeyville in Durango. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Of the two jams I bought, I tried the bumbleberry jam yesterday. It was very good! The only other place I can recall that has bumbleberry jam is the Bumbleberry Inn just outside of Zion National Park in Springdale, Utah. \

If I get a hankering for some more of these, I can always take a three-hour dr\ive to Durango from home (that's handy).

Is Biden Ready For The Debate?

President Trump must've seen this cartoon before he Tweeted his demand for Joe Biden to take a drug test before or after Tuesday's debate.


Trump Demands Biden Drug Test Before Debate

Democrats will be sh*tting their pants (besides Jerry Nadler) once they see the below Tweet from President Trump:

Dinner Group Tonight

For the first time since early this year (February, I think), our dinner group will be heading to historian Martin Link's for dinner tonight. The pandemic put a stop to that during the past months.

My assignment was to provide beer for the gathering, so I got a brand that is appropriate for the occasion (thankfully, it's a good beer).

Above, the brew appropriate for tonight's dinner. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Finally Had Sushi Last Night

Above, Zen Steak & Sushi in Gallup. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Things are inching towards some semblance of normalcy around here.

Last night, I found that Zen Steak & Sushi in Gallup is open for business, so I headed there for dinner. I hadn't had sushi for months (at least since this pandemic started) and I was craving it.

Once I got there, I found I was the only diner there, but that was fine. The preparer told me they survived on take-out orders. I was glad of that since they're the only sushi restaurant in Gallup.

It was great having sushi again (fish is recommended for cardiac patients anyway).

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Freezing(?) Monday Night

Above, the 'ol homestead two nights ago. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

It appears that the coming week will be somewhat cooler with highs in the 70s.

But the nights are getting cooler.

The Weather Channel forecasts 32° for Monday Night. But the National Weather Service pegs it at 36°.

Who to believe?

From the National Weather Service:

Sunny, with a high near 82. West wind 5 to 10 mph increasing to 15 to 20 mph in the afternoon.
Mostly clear, with a low around 45. West wind 5 to 15 mph becoming southwest after midnight.
Sunny, with a high near 80. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph becoming northwest 15 to 20 mph in the afternoon.
Sunday Night
Clear, with a low around 44. Northwest wind 15 to 20 mph becoming north 5 to 10 mph after midnight.
Sunny, with a high near 69. North wind 5 to 10 mph.
Monday Night
Clear, with a low around 36.
Sunny, with a high near 74.
Tuesday Night
Clear, with a low around 42.
Sunny, with a high near 77.
Wednesday Night
Clear, with a low around 44.
Sunny, with a high near 76.
Thursday Night
Clear, with a low around 43.
Sunny, with a high near 76.

Did Jerry Nadler Take A Dump In His Pants?

Above, Jerry Nadler "letting 'er rip"? 

This has not been a good week for the Democrats.

Former Vice President Joe Biden went back into hiding and his campaign put a "lid" on it, which even Democrats are starting to question.

Now, a video of Congressman Jerry Nadler has gone viral which seems to show him acting as if the "pooped" his pants at a press conference and walking away in a manner as if he did.

According to Heavy.com:

Video of Congressman Jerry Nadler looking extremely uncomfortable while exiting a press conference with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on September 23 went viral online. Nadler, who represents New York’s 10th Congressional District, sparked concerns for his health after viewers watched his unstable walk while leaving the podium.

The conservative political blog the RedState published an article with the headline asking, “Did Jerry Nadler Crap Himself on Live TV?” The site reported, “Nadler started inching his way off stage in a very awkward manner that is usually associated with someone who has either defecated on themselves or is attempting not to.”

In the video, Nadler, who also serves as the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, suddenly grabs the side of the podium he’s standing next to as Pelosi discusses new legislation called the “Protecting our Democracy” Act. He then walks off the stage appearing quite disoriented and walking extremely tentatively.

Hopefully Nancy Pelosi got a good whiff if he did!

To read more and see the video, go here

RV Sales Still Sizzling. Where Will We All Stay?

Above, the Ely, Nevada KOA Kampground. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

RV sales continue to boom. This is great news for RV manufacturers, but where will are all these RVs stay?

Chuck Woodbury of RV Travel discusses this in today's Editor's Corner.

Some snippets:

The latest statistics, for RV sales in August, were released Friday. And once again they reveal that recreational vehicle sales continue to boom. What’s most interesting is the number of towables being sold compared to motorhomes — it’s getting close to a 10 to one ratio!

Sales of towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, totaled 35,561 units for the month, an increase of 20.8 percent from last August’s 29,448 units. Motorhomes finished the month with 3,928 units, down 7.1 percent compared to August 2019. We’ll have a breakdown of sales with charts in tomorrow’s newsletter.

Sales of travel trailers dominated. Most were cheap (and we mean “cheap” – as in stapled and glued together), lightweight models that can be pulled by an SUV or family car. Many, if not most, of the sales were the $20,000 and less models (think Three Little Pigs straw house). In the industry these are referred to as “stick-and-tin” models. Like Rodney Dangerfield, they “don’t get no respect,” at least for quality construction. They do get respect for how easily they sell, and dealers get to hawk highly profitable extended warranties or long-term financing (Camping World is the Champ) on the often gullible, impulsive buyers.


To me it means more people every month fighting for a place to stay. The RV industry is predicting sizzling sales through 2021. Some say the boom will continue for another five years. New RV parks are being built, yes, but it’s a pittance compared to demand. And many that are being built are “resorts” with fees of $100 a night or more. That’s where the money is if you want to build a campground.

To read more, go here

Friday, September 25, 2020

Ronald Reagan Talking to Media About Riots

It seems like we're back in the 1960s again. 

Riots and wacko college and university officials condoning anarchy. 

In California, Governor Ronald Reagan wasn't having any of it. The video below applies just as much as today as it did back then. Courtesy of Dan Bongino.

Watch it!

3 Reviews Posted At Campground Reviews

This morning, I finished up with reviewing the campgrounds Mitch Geriminsky and I stayed at during our recent trip to Colorado at Campground Reviews.

The reviews are on Lightner Creek Campground in Durango, Ouray KOA in Ouray and Cortez/Mesa Verde KOA in Cortez.

Above, Lightner Creek Campground in Durango, Colorado. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

For Lightner Creek Campground, go here.

Above, Ouray KOA in Ouray, Colorado. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

For Ouray KOA, go here.

Above, Cortez/Mesa Verde KOA in Cortez, Colorado. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

For Cortez/Mesa Verde, go here.

Yosemite National Park Reopening Tomorrow

Above, a view of Half Dome from Yosemite Valley. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

There's some good news coming from California (for once).

Yosemite National Park will reopen tomorrow after being closed due to smoke from wildfires.

Travel + Leisure reported:

Although many West Coast residents still face the threat of evacuation and poor air quality due to recent wildfires, a slow return to normalcy has begun as Yosemite National Park reopens to visitors tomorrow, Sept. 25. This reopening comes just in time for Saturday’s National Public Lands Day, during which all national parks offer free entry.

Starting Friday at 9 a.m., guests can begin entering Yosemite National Park, though only some visitor services will be available, while others will open incrementally over the weekend. Campsites will also become available starting tomorrow, and the park will still require day-use reservations in order to visit.

Yosemite, the fifth most-visited national park in 2019, closed on Sept. 17 due to smoke impacts and hazardous air quality throughout the park.

To read more, go here

National Parks Are Free Tomorrow

Above, Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

If you have nothing to do tomorrow and are in reasonably close proximity to a national park, you can get into the park for free.

Travel + Leisure reported:

On select days in 2020, the National Park Service welcomes visitors to all of its parks — including those that normally charge an entry fee — for free. And one of those days is this Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020, for National Public Lands Day.

The annual commemoration, which started in 1994, is held on the fourth Saturday of September and “celebrates the connection between people and green space in their community, inspires environmental stewardship, and encourages use of open space for education, recreation, and health benefits,” according to the National Park Service’s site. It also usually marks the biggest volunteer day of the year.

Organized with the National Environmental Education Foundation, along with the Departments of Interior, Army, and Agriculture, the holiday encourages Americans to bond with nature by joining a volunteer project, enjoying the benefits of being outdoors, and, of course, visiting a national park for free.

To read more, go here


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Soros Group Member Behind Rented U-Haul In Louisville, Kentucky

A woman who works for a George Soros-backed group was found to be the renter of a U-Haul truck that was seen distributing signs and shields in Louisville, Kentucky before the protests turned violent.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

The U-Haul that began distributing riot supplies in Louisville immediately following the announcement that no officers would be charged for Breonna Taylor’s death was rented to Holly Zoller of the Louisville Bail Initiative.

The pre-parked truck was loaded with shields painted with anti-police messages, umbrellas, gas masks, and other riot supplies.

Zoller confirmed it was her in a phone call from a concerned citizen who pretended to work for the rental company. You can listen to it in full at the end of this article.


Above, Holly Zoller of the Louisville Bail Initiative.

It has been long-suspected that Soros groups are behind the rioting of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, now we have proof.

To read more, go here.

Louisville, Kentucky: A Planned Insurrection

With violence breaking out in Louisville, Kentucky last night, including the attempted murder of two police officers, actor James Woods unloaded both barrels on the Democrat Party:

And commentator Laura Ingraham asked, "Who is paid for the U-Haul?" for the rioters. The riots were not spontaneous, they were planned and well-organized.

Her Tweet:

This is obviously a planned and organized insurrection and it must be put down immediately!

Japan Reopening In October...But There's A Catch

Above, Nakamise Dori in Asakusa attracts locals and tourists alike. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Sources are saying that Japan is planning on reopening the country to foreign visitors in October.

But there is a catch.

According to Travel Daily:

After imposing an entry ban to 159 countries, Japan is finally reopening in October, according to several reports citing government sources.

Although a total lockdown was never put in place in Japan, the country has one of the toughest travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Shutting down international travel coupled with the discipline of citizens enabled the country to keep the number of cases low.

After the historic naming of a new prime minister, sources claimed that the government is allowing about 1,000 foreigners per day to enter the country. However, these travellers must stay in Japan for three months or longer and must test negative from the virus.

To read more, go here

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Last Night's Fire

Last night was a pleasant night outside, so I decided to have a fire. This was only the second time this year I used my fire pit since it has been a dry monsoon season.

I was thinking about doing the same tonight, but it there are some gusty winds at times, so I'm not.

Some pix:

I have received a lot of praise for the last photo of my front porch area. One friend said it has a "home on the range" feel.

California Gov. Newsom Executive Order Bans Gas, Diesel Cars By 2035

Here's a great example of why Democrats should not be elected.

From Fox News:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order on Monday that aims to ban the sale of new internal combustion engine cars in the state by 2035.

The order directs the California Air Resources Board to develop a phase-out plan that would require 100 percent zero-emissions personal use and dryage vehicles by 2035 and as many medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicle applications deemed feasible by 2045.

“Pull away from the gas pumps,” Newsom said. “Let us no longer be victims of geopolitical dictators that manipulate global supply chains and global markets.”

California is both the largest new car market in the U.S., with 1.8 million vehicle sales in 2019, and also accounts for the most electric car purchases of any state.

Newsom makes Jerry Brown look like a right-wing reactionary. 2035 is only 15 years away, folks! 

I am sure glad that I moved out of Commiefornia!

To read more, go here.

Chelsea Clinton

Back in 1992, I referred to Chelsea Clinton as "Mortimer Snerd".

Now this popped up on Facebook!

Ah, memories!

Gov. Lujan Grisham Shirks Responsibility For Her COVID-19 Response

The Republican Party of New Mexico has slammed Gov. "Malevolent Michelle" Lujan Grisham's handling of COVID-19 and riot responses in New Mexico.

In a press release today:

ALBUQUERQUE, SEPTEMBER 23 — Gov. Lujan Grisham has charged President Trump with “single-handedly botching” the COVID-19 response.
That’s a little over the top, even for the governor.
Many believe that the governor has done the best she could in dealing with the pandemic, but the Chief Executive has mishandled important challenges that Covid-19 presents.
Gov. Lujan Grisham has mishandled the rising crime, even criticizing the President for sending in federal law enforcement officers who are helping take violent criminals off our streets. She has been woefully negligent in giving the police the support they need in this very turbulent time of rioting and looting in some communities. 
When members of her party call for defunding the police, she and the mayor of Albuquerque have been noticeably silent. 
The governor has done very little to restart the economy, even ignoring calls from within her own party to let small businesses reopen. By contrast, the President has been urging governors to get their economies opened up as soon as they can. 
The governor’s miscues have led to an 11.3% unemployment rate—among the worst in the nation--the collapse of our economy and the loss of hundreds of businesses. Restaurants and the travel industry have felt the most pain from her poor and inequitable decisions.
“The pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, and certainly it has been for New Mexico,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “But our governor’s attempt to shift the blame from herself to the President is just a little too predictable and fails to give any hope to New Mexicans that she is through mishandling the challenges of the pandemic.”

Cuba Gets New Restrictions From Trump

Above, inside a government-run cigar and rum store in Havana. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

President Trump has announced new restrictions so not to fund the Cuban regime.

According to the Miami Herald:

Americans traveling to Cuba will not be able to buy rum or tobacco as souvenirs, nor will they be able to stay in government hotels, according to new restrictions announced by president Donald Trump on Wednesday.

“Today as part of our continuing fight against communist oppression, I am announcing that the Treasury Department will prohibit U.S. travelers from staying at properties owned by the Cuban government,” Trump said in a speech to honor Bay of Pigs veterans at the White House. “We are also further restricting the importation of Cuban alcohol and Cuban tobacco. This actions will ensure U.S. dollars do not fund the Cuban regime.”

As far as I've known, Cuban alcohol and cigars have not been available in the U.S. except, maybe, on the black market.

Frankly, I think Cuban cigars are a bit overrated. I bought some Montecristo No. 2 cigars (recommended by Rush Limbaugh) while in Cuba last year and I really didn't notice any difference in taste between them and the Oliva Serie G cigars I get here.  

To read more, go here.

Wake Up, Arizona!

Arizona has a fine U.S. senator in Martha McSally. The state has a chance to retain her as senator or vote for an ex-astronaut who will vote with radical leftists Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi against the best interests of Arizona.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here is Sen. McSally's opponent being chummy with Ilhan Omar, one of of most radical leftists in congress:

Dollar Around ¥105 In Tokyo Trading

It is probably just as well that Japan is not allowing foreign tourists into the country due to the pandemic. The U.S. dollar is down against the Japanese yen in Tokyo trading.

According to Jiji Press:

Tokyo, Sept. 23 (Jiji Press)--The dollar was firmer around 105 yen in late Tokyo trading Wednesday, after shedding some of its earlier gains due to a drop in U.S. long-term interest rates.

At 5 p.m., the dollar stood at 104.96-97 yen, up from 104.57-57 yen at the same time Friday.

Hopefully, once the quarantines are over, the dollar will gain some value to make a vacation trip to Japan more affordable.

To read more, go here

Summer 2020 Now History

Above, the Durango & Silverton train at Highline with the
Animas River 400 feet below. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Yesterday, the autumn equinox arrived and summer this year is now history.

This has to be the wackiest summer I've ever seen with the coronavirus and constant rioting with Democrat city "leaders" sitting on their hands and doing nothing to stop them.

At least I managed to do some traveling. I went to California for my aunt's memorial service, held over from April because of the virus. I went via Amtrak and it was an interesting experience.  I then went to Buhl, Idaho as friend Wellington "Bill" Wilson passed away from complications of leukemia. Then, I went with Mitch Geriminsky for a week's vacation in Colorado.

Around Jamestown, New Mexico, autumn occasionally receives winter snow storms. The nighttime temperatures drop. Sometimes, it seems as if we skip autumn altogether and go directly into winter from summer.

It will be interesting to see how much snowfall we get in the weeks ahead.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

59-Foot Gundam Statue In Japan Now Can Move

Above, yours truly with the Gundam Lift at the Bandai Museum in 2005. 

Fans of Japan's Gundam are in ecstasy over a full size 18 meter (59 foot) Gundam statue in Yokohama that can now move.

According to Sora News 24:

Last month residents of Yokohama, as well as anime fans around the globe, were thrilled to get their first glimpse of the life-size RX-78 Gundam anime mecha standing in the city’s bayside district, roughly 45 minutes south of Tokyo. But even that was just a precursor to the real excitement.

See, while Japan has had other full-scale Gundam statues, Yokohama’s is the first that will be able to move, and it just so happens that Japanese Twitter user @nansei2 was in the area during a recent test and recorded this amazing video of the mobile suit in motion.

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