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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Google Street View Takes You Into A Tokyo Love Hotel

Above, a lighter advertising a Tokyo love hotel. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Google Street View has shown Internet browsers some unique places in the world. What follows is also, um, pretty unique.

It is a "tour" inside of a Tokyo "love hotel." (Gee, did they accidentally walk in on anyone?)

According to an article in Rocket News 24:
Love hotels in Japan provide a service that is very unique in the world. They play a convenient role for those passionate one-night stands, which is exactly the sort of business you’d expect at a place called a “love hotel”. But they are also a place where married couples can go who are being pressured from their parents to give them some grandchildren. That’s kind of hard to do with mom and dad in the room next door. One quick glance in any city shows that these love hotels are a dime a dozen, which is probably why there are so many random and fun hotels with different styles of rooms and designs. 
And now, with the convenience of the Internet, choosing a love hotel is easier than ever. Why should we settle with those “flattering” pictures they provide when we can take a tour of it ourselves with the help of Google Street View!
 To see more, go here.

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