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Thursday, November 20, 2014

JR West Introducing New Travel Passes To Visit The "Land of Rodan"

Above, the Saikai Bridge near Sasebo. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Fans wanting to visit the "Land of Rodan" can do so more cheaply thanks to three new travel passes for foreigners from JR West.

According to Kyodo News:
West Japan Railway Co. said Wednesday it will expand its lineup of unlimited ride passes for foreign travelers from next March. 
By newly offering three area passes that can be used in western Japan, the company, better known as JR West, aims to explore new demand from foreign travelers in connection with next year's 40th anniversary of the Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train line between Osaka and Hakata in Fukuoka Prefecture.
Hakata Station is in Kyushu's largest city, Fukuoka. From there, visitors can travel to Mount Aso Volcano National Park and Sasebo City (and the nearby Saikai Bridge), where much of the action in Rodan (1956) took place.

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