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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dakota Meyer Blasts Michael Moore's "Cowards" Comments

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Leave it to Michael Moore to put his fat foot into his mouth and draw fire at the same time.

Newsmax reported:
In response to the extraordinary success of the film "American Sniper," a movie based on the actions of the late war hero Chris Kyle, Moore declared that "all snipers" are "cowards who will shoot you in the back." He added that snipers are "not heroes" and that his uncle had been killed by one during World War II. 
Moore's comments were blasted by Dakota Meyer, awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroic efforts to save fellow soldiers who came under fire in Afghanistan. 
Writing at Scout.com, Meyer, who served three years as a Marine sniper, said that "American Sniper" depicted snipers' work "perfectly." 
Cowards, Meyer emphasized in responding to Moore, "are people who didn't have the guts to serve, and are happy to sit back in a free and protected country and call our service members cowards."

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.Newsmax.com/Newsfront/Michael-Moore-snipers-cowards-American-Sniper/2015/01/20/id/619601/#ixzz3PSrgggJa 

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