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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ted Newsom On The Mend

Above, Ted Newsom and Armand at the Superman plaque dedication last August.

Actor, writer and film historian Ted Newsom, I am happy to report, is on the mend from cancer surgery. He indicated a couple of weeks ago that he would be away from Facebook for a few days, but didn't indicate why.

He posted this the other day:
OK, I'm minus 1/3rd of a lung, but I got plenty of lungin'. and lungin's plenty for me.
Heck, Boris Karloff got by on about a third of a lung for 10 years. God bless him. I have sympathy 'way beyond what I had before. 
My muscles are still a little thore in the Thoracic region, but in the Loki neighborhood, I'm devilishly fine. Odin I always get confused with Onan, which has been embarrassing. If you ever, ever go through this yourself, make sure to keep your mythologies straight. They've offered me the role of the Rock in Ragnarok Around the Clock, but I'm holding out for Armageddon Stronger Every Day. 
They sent a small tank home with me. Very little ammunition, but I had fun bombarding the neighbor's house. Actually, it was Jim Nabor's house. Shazam! Sooprize sooprize sooprize!!!! 
The tank company called and said their driver was coming out tomorrow at my place. Great. Just what I need. I'm trying just to breathe a little, and some guy is going to show up in paisley and Speedos. However, he is showing up with another couple of small tanks, so I may take up squirrel hunting. My New Years resolution is to take up 1 and 2/3rds jogging, the rest of the time resting.
As you can see, his sense of humor wasn't removed with one third of a lung. And, no, he didn't have a sex change operation along with it either, despite the photo below.

Above, Ted in Bikini Jones.

Besides Boris Karloff (as he mentioned), John Wayne also managed to function with part of a lung removed and went on to win a Best Actor Oscar for True Grit. Perhaps Ted has a True Grit of his own in the future.

Best wishes to Ted for a speedy and full recovery!

Above, Jack Larson talks with Ted Newsom and Jim Beaver at the
Superman Celebration Luncheon last August. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

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