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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Knives and A Cobra

The new motorhome is pretty much fully equipped.

The Japanese chef's knives (one for the RV and one for my daughter) arrived today from Kamaasa Shoten Knife Co. in Kappabashi, Tokyo. I am very pleased with mine and I am certain my daughter will enjoy hers.

Also arriving today was a handheld citizens' band radio I ordered. It is a Cobra HH Roadtrip Handheld CB Radio (pictured at right). I had a citizens's band radio in the motorhome I owned 25 years ago. It served two purposes: for assistance in case of a vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere (where there's no cellular service) and for entertainment. Sometimes, I got tired of listening to AM or FM radio or CDs (or, back then, cassette tapes), so the CB radio would be switched on. It was fun to listen in on chatter, especially if a convoy of 18-wheeler trucks were nearby. The new radio will serve those same purposes.

Additionally, it has a feature where weather report channels can be immediately picked up.

Speaking of the motorhome, it will be getting its first roadtrip workout next week when I take a little jaunt to Las Vegas.

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