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Monday, April 20, 2015

Where To Shop At Kappabashi Kitchen Town

Above, you know you're in Kappabashi when you see the giant chef. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

If you happen to be a chef, culinary student, serious home cook or just an ordinary foodie, a stop in Tokyo's Kappabachi Kitchen Town is a must.

I went to Kitchen Town last year to pick up a chef's knife for my roomie Jes. Recently, I purchased two more chef's knives, one for my daughter and one for the motorhome kitchen from my favorite source for Japanese knives, Kamaasa. Kamaasa gets a big plug in a new article in The Passport Lifestyle.

Along with Kamaasa, the article tells where to shop in Kappabashi. Additionally, there are plenty of photographs to go along with the article.

It begins with:
Today I went to Kappabashi-dori, better known as Kitchen Town here in Tokyo. I absolutely love this part of town. It’s close to Asakusa and Tsukiji so it has a much older Asian feel to the neighborhood. But Kappabashi is essentially one very long street consisting of nothing but restaurant supply stores. Many stores are very old, but some are newer. Years ago when I first heard about this place, I mistakenly assumed it consisted of mostly a bunch of food model stores and useless restaurant supplies you only find here in Japan. This is why it took me a few years to care to go there, because it’s famous for where you go to buy food models. But since then, I’ve been back three different times, each time bringing home a quarter of my weight in kitchen supplies and glassware. You can find literally anything.
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