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Friday, September 16, 2016

7 Things To Experience In Kansai In 5 Days

Above, one of the entrances to the Dotonbori section of Osaka. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

For those who are traveling to Japan and want to see things in the Kansai region, AsiaOne has seven (7) things travelers should see while there.

They begin with:
"Kansai? Erm, where exactly? Oh, around Osaka!" Yes, that sums up my reaction when I was first told that I would be visiting the Kansai region in Japan. 
While Osaka is well-known in its own right, most travellers may be less familiar with the rest of Kansai. 
But with daily direct flights from Singapore to Kansai International Airport, it is in fact a great destination for wanderlusters looking for fresh experiences. It boasts everything that the Land of the Rising Sun is famous for: bustling cities, rich historical and cultural sites, good shopping, gorgeous natural attractions and, most importantly for the Singaporean traveller, delicious Japanese food! 
Just a six-hour flight away, a trip to Kansai need not take up a huge chunk of time. On our five-day journey, we started at the historical town of Nara, made a quick one-day stop in Osaka before discovering some hidden gems at various towns in the Wakayama prefecture.
To see what the seven "hidden gems" are, go here

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