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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Last Night At The Odyssey

Above, Asya in the Atlantis Room with the city lights in the background. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Last night, Asya and I headed off to The Odyssey Restaurant for dinner and to check out the Atlantis Room that the portrait unveiling party will take place one week from today. Also, we celebrated my receiving the appearance fee check from Hot Bench.

I thought it would be a good idea for Asya to see the layout of the room and The Odyssey Restaurant in general.

Although the lights were off in the room, we discussed where to display the portrait and other paintings she will be bringing along.

Above, at dinner at The Odyssey Restaurant. 

Asya enjoyed the spectacular view of the San Fernando Valley from the room's huge windows. From the room, the stream of headlights flowed down from the Sepulveda Pass and into the Valley like a glowing river.

After discussing details on where to arrange things next week, we headed upstairs to the main dining room for dinner. She had a Caesar salad with chicken and shrimp while I settled on prime rib. She had wanted to have cheesecake and ice cream, but was so full from the meal that we ended up sharing the cheesecake that came with my dinner.

Asya had a "jaw-dropping" moment when during the course of conversation when I mentioned that I like to add pepper to a dish of cottage cheese. She had never heard of that before. She thought I was putting her on. That led to a discussion of foods she enjoyed in Russia.

All in all, an enjoyable evening.

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