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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Operation Steamroller" Attire

Above, what I'm wearing today. No red tie here.

My "honorary sister" was concerned that I might show up at the Hot Bench taping today in a red tie.

It is not because I may be tempted to do Rodney Dangerfield imitations, but according to her, red ties imply something else.

She said:
You look great in the blue.  Red power ties connotes a position of power and implied ability to intimidate.  You want to come across as sincere (blue), dignified, and the victim of having believed in true love with someone who did you very wrong and led you on in every way possible.  You should be the guy every woman hopes will love and care for her if she only returns that love with honesty and kindness.  
The show provided a sheet stating what is appropriate attire. I read mine, not sure if "my opponent" read her's. We shall see.

On her, my "honorary sister" wrote:
[Censored] on the other hand, will be the bimbo trying to play at sullying your intentions, your relationship and love.  In other words, her defense, to quote Donna Summer, is "She Works Hard For the Money".  
She is as fit to play the ingenue, as I am to play a sumo wrestler.
Man, she sure does have a way with words!

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