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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Scored A Trump Campaign Button

While at breakfast at The Lamplighter Restaurant in Canoga Park this morning with my former roomie Jes, a nice lady from the Federation of Republican Woman was just leaving. Jes motioned to me about the Trump t-shirt she was wearing. I turned around and complimented the lady on her shirt.

We started talking about campaign materials such as t-shirts, buttons, Trump hats (she was also wearing one) and bumper stickers. She gave me her card. She was Pegy Ann Schubert, Representative of the Woodland Hills Republican Women Federated. I also gave her one of my cards.

On the Trump buttons, I mentioned that I have some, mainly "Gun Owners For Trump" buttons. She had a nice 3" Trump button on her shirt and said she had an extra one for sale for $5.00.

I checked my wallet, and I happened to have $6.00 on me. I rarely carry cash in these days of debit cards. So, I took out $5.00 and bought the button.

The photo at top was taken by Jes several minutes later.

Another for my campaign button collection!

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