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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

RV Internet Abbreviations

Above, a view of the Upper Yellowstone Falls. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

In reading some forums pertaining to the "RV lifestyle", I have come across several abbreviations used in discussion posts, many of which I was unfamiliar with.

Thankfully, someone has provided a list of abbreviations to help some of us who haven't a clue as to their meaning(s).

This reminds me of one I came up with several years ago at an insurance company I worked at where a claim manager would send me notes on files asking rather stupid questions. She would have the answers she was seeking if she bothered to read the file at hand and not waste my time in pointing them out. The abbreviation I came up with: RTFF = Read The F*cking File. Some of my co-workers (over the years) adopted it, with glee, I might add.

Here they are:

4X2 = 2 Wheel Drive
4X4 = 4 Wheel Drive
4WD = 4 Wheel Drive
55+ = Age 55 plus Park
5er = Fifth Wheel
5ver = Fifth Wheel
AC = Air Conditioning or Alternating Current as in 120VAC
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AGM = Absorbed Glass Mat (Battery)
AMP = Amperes
APU = Auxiliary Power Unit (Generator)
ATF = Automatic Transmission Fluid
AWD = All Wheel Drive
BB = Brake Buddy
BC = Brake Controller
BIL - Brother In Law
BLM = Bureau Of Land Management
BOF = Bird Of Feather
BTW = By The Way
C2C = Coast to Coast Resorts
CAPS = Capital Letters. Using all CAPS is considered SCREAMING
CAT = Caterpillar
CB = Citizens Band (Radio)
CC = Crew Cab of a TV (4 Door)
CCC = Cargo Carrying Capacity
CDL = Commercial Drivers License
CF = Camp Fire
CG = Camp Ground
COE = Corp of Engineers (US Army)
CSP = Continued Service Plan
CRS = Can't Remember Shi...
CUL = See You Later
CW = Camping World
D/A = Duramax/Allison (Chevrolet or GMC)
DC = Direct Current as in 12VDC
DH = Darling Hubby or Husband, Dear Hubby, Da%& Hubby
DIL - Daughter In Law
Dinghy = See Toad
DRW = Dual Rear Wheels
Dooley = Dual Rear Wheels
DS = Dump Station
DSI = Direct Spark Ignition
DSL = Digital Subscriber Line
Dually = Dual Rear Wheels
DP = Diesel Pusher as used in an MH
DW = Dear Wife, Darling Wife, Da%& Wife, Dim Wit
EC = Extended Cab of a TV
EPDM = Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (Rubber Roofing)
ERS = Emergency Road Service
ESP = Extended Service Plan
FAQ or FAQs = Frequently Asked Questions
FHU = Full Hook Up
FMCA = Family Motor Coach Association
FIL = Father In Law
FIVER = 5th Wheel
FT = Full Time
Furry Kids = Pets
FW = Fifth Wheel
FWD = Front Wheel Drive
FWIW = For What It's Worth
FYI = For Your Information
G8R = Gator
GPS = Global Positioning System
GAWR or GAW = Gross Axle Weight Rating
GCVW or GCW = Gross Combined Vehicle Weight
GCWR = Gross Combination Weight Rating
GS = Good Sam
GTWR = Gross Trailer Weight Rating
GVW or GVWR = Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GOB = Good ol' Boy
HD = Heavy Duty
HDT = Heavy Duty Truck
HH = Happy Hour
IBSRV = International Brotherhood/Sisterhood of RVers
IIRC = If I Remember Correctly
IMO = In My Opinion
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IP = Internet Provider (or Protocol)
ISP = Internet Service Provider
HWH = Hot Water Heater (Correct term WH = Water Heater)
HWH = This is top secret (Maker of RV Leveling & Room Extension Systems)
KOA = Kampgrounds of America
L8R = Later
L8R G8R = Later Gator
LMAO = Laughing My A__ Off
LB = Long Box or Bed of a Tow Vehicle
LEO = Lets Eat Out (Club), Law Enforcement Officer
LOL = Laughing Out Loud, Lots Of Luck, Lots Of Love
LOW = Life On Wheels
LP/LPG = Liquid Petroleum Gas
LT = Light Truck tires (as in LT245 tires)
MDT = Medium Duty Truck
MH = Motor Home
MHP = MotorHome Park
MIL = Mother In Law
MM = Mile Marker
MSRP = Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price
MTCW = My Two Cents Worth
NCC = Net Carrying Capacity
NKK = Newmar Kountry Klub
NFS = National Forest Service
NPS = National Park Service
OALAEHO = Opinions Are Like A__holes, Everybody Has One
OEM = Original Equipement by the Manufacturer
OP = Original Post or Original Poster
PDI = Pre-Delivery Inspection
PM = Private Message
PPA = Passport America (Discount Parks)
PSD = Power Stroke Diesel (Ford)
PU = Pop Up
PW = Pressure Washer
Qs = Question(s)
RGV = Rio Grande Valley
ROTFLOL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A__ Off
RPI = Resort Parks International (Membership Parks)
RV = Recreational Vehicle
SB = Short Box or Bed of a Tow Vehicle
SCWR = Sleeping Capacity Weight Rating
SIL = Sister In Law or Son In Law
SKP = Escapee (Member)
SO = significant other
SOB = Some Other Brand
SP = State Park
SRW = Single Rear Wheels
ST = Trailer tires (as in ST225)
TC = Truck camper
TH = Toy Tauler
TMI = Too Much Information
TMTOYH = Too Much Time on Your Hands.
TOAD = A vehicle towed behind a MH
TP = Toilet Paper
TT = Travel Trailer, Thousand Trails (Membership Parks)
TV = Tow Vehicle and on a rare occasion TeleVision
TWR/TLR/VLR = Tongue Weight, Tongue Load, Vertical Load Rating
VIN = Vehicle Identification Number (Serial Number)
URL = Uniform Resource Locator (WWW Address)
UVW or UVWR = Unloaded Vehicle Weight Rating
WallyWorld = Wal*Mart
WD or W/D = Washer/Dryer
WD = Weight Distribution (hitch)
WDW = Walt Disney World
W/E/S = Water/Electric/Sewer
Wi-Fi or WiFi = Wireless Fidelity
WIT = Winnebago, Itasca Travelers (Club)
WWW = World Wide Web (the Internet)
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary


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