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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Classic Movie Sunday With Gable and The Duke

Since I have no interest in football, particularly the Super Bowl, and my "other half" was in Santa Barbara for a family gathering, I elected to spend a relaxing day watching a couple of classic movies.

When I went out to lunch, I decided to go across the street to CD Trader to see if they had a copy of She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949) available to buy on DVD. It was just my luck that they had one for $5.99, so I bought it.

While standing in line to pay for it, there was a display of DVDs near the cashier. One of the movies in the display was Gone With The Wind (1939). Since I didn't have a copy, and I hadn't seen the movie in ages, I decided to buy it.

Once I got home, I plopped on the sofa with some chips and guacamole to munch on.

The first movie I watched was She Wore A Yellow Ribbon. One of my favorite John Ford/John Wayne cavalry movies. It had plenty of colorful Monument Valley scenery to enjoy.

After that, I then watched Gone With The Wind. I was surprised at how much of the movie I had forgotten about. The first time I ever saw the movie was around 1969 when it was released to theaters. I went with my parents to see it at a drive-in. Although I've always liked Clark Gable as an actor, it was a surprise to see George "Superman" Reeves at the beginning of the movie as one of the Tarleton Twins.

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