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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Cheesecake Quest

As posted last night, neither Denise and I could finish our meals (mainly due to the appetizers we had) at The Odyssey Restaurant.

So, for breakfast, I finished my prime rib. And, for lunch (or at least part of it), I had my slice of cheesecake and berries. As I was consuming the cheesecake, Denise text me from work that she's having her leftover steak and her cheesecake for lunch at that moment and sent the above photo. Great minds (or stomachs) apparently think alike.

I told her that the cheesecake reminded me of Shogo Tomiyama, the former president of Toho Pictures. She immediately knew what I was referring to (since she was there).

Above, the dinner gathering last October at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

Last October, I hosted a dinner at the Imperial Hotel. Mr. Tomiyama was one of the guests. I was looking around the dessert buffet table for some cheesecake and found none. I mentioned this when I returned to our table. After this, Mr.Tomiyama got up for a "mini-quest" to find a slice of cheesecake for me. It looks like being a former head of Japan's biggest studio paid dividends as he returned to bring a slice of cheesecake to me. What a man!

Great memories! 

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