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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Getting Closer To 2 Million

Above, Asya and yours truly at Gladstone's 4 Fish in Pacific Palisades last year.

The ol' Rancho is getting closer to the 2 million mark (in views).

We're now well below 35,000 views away from 2 million, and that's when I'll be putting up the new header that Asya created. I am very pleased with what she came up with. She actually came up with two versions that I like, so I will probably use both interchangeably.

It was almost three and a half years ago when this blog hit one million views. I thought that was remarkable. The blog was started in 2008, so it took six years to reach that milestone. But we are now nearing 2 million views, which is only roughly three and a half years later. Better yet!

I am guessing that the 2 million mark will be reached late next month, or in early July at the latest.

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