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Sunday, May 21, 2017

President Trump By Asya

A few months ago, I sent a photo of an oil painting of President Trump to Asya (who painted my portrait last year) while she was back home in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Above, Asya at Gladstone's 4
Fish. Photo by Armand Vaquer.
She liked the portrait so much that she said it was inspiring her to do one of her own.

True to her word, she recently completed the portrait of President Trump that is pictured here.

She is currently trying to decide on whether to donate it to the White House or offer it for sale. (If interested, contact me at the email address provided at the "About Me" widget and I'll connect you with Asya. Serious offers only.)

The photo at top is of the completed portrait and the photo below was taken during the last stage of the painting process. (Her signature is at the bottom left in the red stripe.)

I am most impressed with the brush strokes she used for the hair. Nicely done!

Above, final stage of painting. Photo courtesy of Asya.

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