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Friday, May 12, 2017

Ready To Go Again!

Above, all cleaned. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The finishing cleaning (bathroom, floor, refrigerator, etc.) work I mentioned yesterday is now done. The Beast is now ready to go again for more travel adventures.

The floor was dirtier than usual as we camped in the desert last weekend and it was very windy out. It blew sand and dust all over and I had to thoroughly sweep the floor before mopping it.

The floor cleaner I use is Armstrong's Once 'N Done. My late mother introduced me to it. We used to buy it at Home Depot, but it is now available at Ace Hardware stores, Walmart, eBay, Lowe's and hardware stores around the country.

From the Floor Guy:
For routine cleaning of no-wax vinyl, ceramic, marble, granite, terrazzo, slate, and stone floors. Economical formula leaves no dulling/sticky film and requires no rinsing. Will not hurt ceramic tile grout. Do not use on linoleum, hardwood, or cork. Economical concentrated formula - mix with water.

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