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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Democrats' Single-Payer Healthcare Scheme Will Destroy The State

The Looney Left Report

The socialist California Democrats have unveiled a new and insane scheme to provide "free" healthcare for all under a single-payer system.

That is one sure way to destroy California once and for all. That's what happens when one party (the Democrats) virtually owns the state with no real opposition.

According to the Orange County Register:
The staggering price tag for the Democrats’ plan to provide “health care for all” would cost California $400 billion a year to create a state-funded universal health care system — more than double the $180 billion annual state budget. 
California residents will be required to pay significantly increased taxes — as much as 50 percent or more — to the state to cover health care costs, rather than individuals being able to make their own decisions to buy from private insurers who have to compete for their business. 
The real motive behind Los Angeles-area Democrat Sen. Ricardo Lara’s Senate Bill 562 is to provide health coverage to everyone in the state, whether they are here legally or not. It’s just another very expensive welfare program for people who do not pay into the system. 
Competition always produces better results — state-run health care will have no competition and no accountability. Costs will soar, and quality health care will diminish. In other words, single-payer health care is a sure way to destroy the California economy, and send more residents fleeing to lower-tax states. We’d be driving jobs and productivity out of California, while bringing those seeking free health care into California.
State Senator Ricardo Lara has to be either a Venezuelan socialist (we know how that's working out down there) or the biggest idiot who has ever stepped into the halls of the California State Capitol.

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