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Friday, June 9, 2017

Rep. Brad Sherman: "Stuck On Stupid"

Above, Brad Sherman.
Anyone watching yesterday's hearing featuring former FBI Director James Comey would have noticed a bald man resembling Phil Silvers sitting behind him. That man was the Democrat who "represents" my congressional district, Brad Sherman.

Regular readers of this blog are aware that I have a few issues with ol' Brad, even though I supported him over Howard Berman a few years ago during their reapportionment-caused face-off.

Now, Brad Sherman and his fellow came up empty yesterday from James Comey. That's not stopping ol' Brad. He wants to impeach President Trump! I would have hoped that he had a lot more sense than that. He apparently doesn't.

Sherman, who is Jewish, is ignoring the fact that President Trump has been a great friend to the state of Israel and was very warmly welcomed to Israel by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a recent visit. That apparently doesn't mean a thing to Sherman.

According to Forward.com (a Jewish website):
Rep. Brad Sherman announced on Wednesday that he would join a nascent congressional effort to draft articles of impeachment against President Trump. 
Sherman, a 10-term Democrat who represents parts of Los Angeles and its suburbs, joined Rep. Al Green of Texas in a press conference to announce their plan to oust the president on the grounds of obstruction of justice.

What obstruction of justice? Are Sherman and Green out of their minds?

To read more, go here.

Above, Mark Reed (center) with yours truly (right) in 2014. 

Mark Reed, who ran against Sherman a couple of times, posted on Facebook:
Whether you agree or disagree with President Donald Trump, Congressman Sherman's actions in drawing up articles of impeachment is the biggest waste of time and money. It also provides proof that this congressman does not understand the law
In today's Senate hearings there was no proof offered of any laws broken by the President. Congressman Sherman is a disgrace to the very institution he's serving in and has absolutely no understanding of the law. 
The Democrats have fallen flat on their faces and now Sherman wants to bury himself in a political stunt. 
The district Sherman represents has several emergent issues that need attention now but this congressman is stuck on stupid and is engaging in childish political games. 
What say you?


Gary said...

**** the biggest waste of time and money ****

No one in either party cares.

The GOP controlled Congress spends MONTHS investigating the non-issue of Russia trying to get dirt on Trump and install an open border Pence into the White House. The Republicans ignore building the wall, ignore stopping H-1B visas, doing a real Obamacare repeal and a tax cut.

The Democrats are Marxist scum. But what Republicans are I have no clue.

Anonymous said...

Hows this....once the money is spent on the Fraud of impeachment the US Government can give the bill to that little pencil neck geek Sherman for repayment.
If he wants to waste taxpayers $$$$ he can pick up the bill...there is no dinner then dash here PAY YOUR BILL CONGRESSMAN

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