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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Second Header Version Is Up!

Above, the second header version by Asya.

As I had mentioned previously, just before this blog reached 2 million views, I had Asya create a new header for the blog using one of my photos of "The Mittens" in Monument Valley.

I had also mentioned that she did such a good job on two header versions, that I decided to use both, but interchangeably.

I have changed the header to the second version that Asya did. I will have it up for a while then change it back at a later date and vice-versa. (After all, variety is the spice of life, right?)

Above, yours truly and Asya at last year's portrait unveiling party at the Odyssey Restarurant. Photo by Lori Thornhill.

Besides fine art (portraits and other paintings), calligraphy and header designs, Asya does excellent logo work and other graphic works (such as flyers and invitations). If you are in need of any of these, I have a permanent link to her website at Chakra Graphics on the right side of this blog (just scroll down until you come to her photograph). You will see many samples of what Asya can do.

However, for this blog post, the link to her site is here, since you've been kind enough to read this.

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