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Friday, December 30, 2016

RV Refrigerator Tips

Operating a RV refrigerator is different from the one in residences. Air must be circulated throughout a RV refrigerator for it to keep foods cold. That's why it is recommended that circulating fans be used inside the refrigerator.

It takes several hours for a RV refrigerator and freezer to be sufficiently cold enough for food to be loaded in. Before heading out on a trip, I turn on the propane refrigerator the night before. After 6-8 hours, it is ready to use.

There are other tips on how to make a RV refrigerator more efficient. RV Life has three important tips.

They begin with:
Learning to organize your RV refrigerator is like an art that develops with practice. The more miles you put on your rig, the easier it is to carry all of your favorite foods wherever you roam. There are many cool tips for your fridge and these three quick tips will help you get started.

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