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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Universal Studios Japan: Godzilla The Real 4D

Image: Universal Studios Japan.

If you are thinking about heading over to Japan in 2017, but need a bit of an incentive to do so, maybe this will be the "swift kick in the pants" to get you motivated.

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) has announced their 2017 line-up of Cool Japan attractions and Godzilla is a big part of the mix.

USJ has a number of attractions that will make an otaku salivate in delight. But the focus here is the Godzilla attraction.

According to RocketNews 24:
Titans aren’t big enough for you? Well head over to Godzilla The Real 4D for some truly gigantic action. In this 4D theater experience you watch from the perspective of a fighter jet battling the iconic monster over Osaka City. 
After saving the day, you can reward yourself with a USJ exclusive Godzilla figure with light-up scutes, or a souvenir Godzilla tin of snacks. If you’re hungry after your battle you can also grab a Godzilla footprint steamed bun with black sesame and miso filling.
 To see more of what USJ has to offer next year, go here.

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