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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Shaynemovie1 Posted At YouTube

Above, Stephanie Shayne at the Superman Celebration Luncheon in 2014. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Stephanie Shayne has announced that the first of many home movies shot by her father, Bob "Inspector Henderson" Shayne (of the Adventures of Superman), has been posted on YouTube.

She wrote at Facebook:
It's been a long time coming! The first of the Robert Shayne Home movie clips is now on my You Tube channel. This one is my brother Bob coming home from Basic Training at Fort Ord in 1966 and a family trip to Las Vegas that same week. Thank you, Ray for making the clip and watermarking it. Thank you, Iva, Brian, Hugh, Brad, Darroll, Don, Elsa, Peter, Bruce, Jorge Casales,Scott, Alvaro, Mary, Victoria, Meg, Armand, Alan, Miriam, Clare, Caryn, Crystal, Dennis, Jodi, Brad, Susan, Delmo, Deborah, Howard, Charles, and Micah for making this possible. More to come soon!
It was nice to see Las Vegas back "in the good ol' days" before it became the crowded and cluttered mess it is today, especially the Hacienda Hotel, where I made some good money on the roulette wheel back during Spring Break in 1973.

Here's the video:

Other videos will follow on Stephanie's channel.  Here's the link to the video so you can give her a thumb's up!

On the cars shown in the video, here's what Stephanie says about them:
The 'Stang was my dad's. My mom's car was the beige Beetle and my car was the aqua Beetle in the driveway. Oh, the days...

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