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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Finding Fresh Water For RV Water Tanks

Above, The Beast at Fort Massac State Park in Metropolis, Illinois. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

During my recent trip back east to Metropolis, Illinois, with the exception of one night at a rest area in Missouri, I stayed at private and public campgrounds where fresh water was available for hooking up to or for filling my fresh water tank. I usually fill up the fresh water tank before departing.

On some occasions, like staying at a national park or dry camping at a clamp-out with E Clampus Vitus, a full tank of water is needed for the toilet, cleaning and washing.

Sometimes, finding a source for filling an RV fresh water tank is occasionally difficult, but RV Life has an article on likely (and unlikely) places to fill up.

They begin with:
During our RV adventures across the Western U.S., my wife and I may go weeks without staying in a conventional campground with hook ups. Dispersed camping in the boondocks is our preferred place to camp. It’s quiet, typically close to the places we want to explore and the price is right. While there many ways to save water when dry camping,  sooner or later we need to fill up our freshwater tank. A lot of the times we fill our tank at the common and convenient locations, while other times we have been surprised of where we were able to find freshwater for dry camping.
At Fort Massac State Park in Metropolis, Illinois, there were no water hook-ups at each campsite, only electricity. But, they had water faucets at various locations for RVers fill their water tanks.

To read more, go here.  

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