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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Graceland Souvenir Photo Package

Finally, I got around to scanning the souvenir photo that was taken just before boarding the shuttle bus to Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion. I also scanned the frame/folder.

Every visitor has his/her photo taken just before boarding the shuttle bus and the finished photo(s) are ready at the station upon their return. The package I bought cost $39.99.

Since Elvis Presley's Memphis entertainment center opened two months ago, I would presume that the photos are now taken from the new shuttle station there. Here's what the old one looked like (the souvenir photo backdrop is at left):

After the photo(s) is taken, visitors then board the shuttle bus to the mansion.

Here's what the photo(s) look like when a visitor receives them after the tour:

In the package, the visitor also gets a folder/frame for the large photo. Here's the front cover:

Inside front cover:

Inside back (where the photo is mounted):

The back cover:

This wasn't my first visit to Graceland. Back in July 2001, I toured Graceland with my mother and daughter. Here's our souvenir photo from that visit:

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