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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Header Reactions

When I switched to the new blog template weeks ago, I looked through what Blogger has to offer.

I already had the new header design in mind when I was looking. They had several new ones and the one I settled on was one of them.

During the process of selecting the template, I looked through many blogs on Blogger. For the most part, a lot of them were just dull-looking to me. Blogger has so many nice templates available, so I was surprised that many blogs did not take full advantage of them to create an attractive blog. I noticed that many blogs included photographs that were posted in small sizes. I don't know if they fear someone ripping them off or what, but, to me, why bother posting photos if they are in such small sizes?

I liked the blues in the new template as they would compliment the blue sky in the photograph of "The Mittens" in Monument Valley as well as the earth tones of the rock formations.

This birthday greetings by Kirk Hastings got me thinking about using a photo of "The Mittens" in the new header:

I looked at other photos I have on file and experimented with different ones, but I decided that one from Monument Valley would work the best. After which, I enlisted Asya to do the calligraphy and lettering.

I am very pleased with the end results of the template with the new header by Asya. She actually came up with two variations that I liked and will use both interchangeably. She did a great job!

So far, here's some of the reactions to the new header and template:

  • Nice!

  • Very pretty though!  Makes me think of all those lucky folks buying land in Sedona where the sky is apparently usually like that.

  • Wow!  You really redid it very nice!


  • My congratulations!

  • Actually, I love it how you made it with blue font over white background for the blog! It's easier for the eye to read posts like that! Yeah! And matches the new cover:) How are you feeling about the new appearance?

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