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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Whatever Became of...Albert Popwell?

Above, Albert Popwell in Magnum Force.

Do you know the name, "Albert Popwell"?

Probably not, but you would probably recognize his face, especially if you're a fan of Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry movies.

According to Wikipedia:
Popwell was a wounded bank robber at the receiving end of Eastwood's "Do you feel lucky?" monologue from Dirty Harry. Popwell was a murderous pimp in Magnum Force, appeared as Big Ed Mustapha in The Enforcer and as Harry's detective colleague Horace King in Sudden Impact. He did not appear in the last film in the series, The Dead Pool, due to a scheduling conflict.
Unfortunately, Albert Popwell is no longer with us. He passed away in 1999 in Los Angeles.

From Wikipedia:
His final film role was opposite Sharon Stone in Scissors. He died eight years later, at age 72, from complications following open heart surgery.

"Hey, I gots to know!" - Albert Popwell in Dirty Harry (1971). 

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