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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Need Art?

Above, Asya with the completed "Three Mesas" painting. Photo courtesy of Asya.

One has to count themselves as fortunate in meeting someone who has the artistic talent to be able to create artwork or graphics to suit the needs or wants of clients and is easy to work with.

Such is the case with Asya Lipovetskaya (or just "Asya") of Chakra Graphics.

Above, Asya and Armand at the 2016 portrait unveiling party at the
Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills, California. Photo by Lori Thornhill.

I first enlisted her services two years ago when I commissioned a portrait painting of yours truly. I was curious to see how an artist would "interpret" me in an oil painting. I've always want to have a portrait painting done.

Next, I had her make the "masthead" (or header) for this blog using a photo that I took of "The Mittens" in Monument Valley.

Recently, since I could not find a painting with a Southwest theme that I liked, I commissioned Asya to do an oil painting of the three mesas that are across the valley from my home in Jamestown, New Mexico.

The painting that resulted is, in my opinion, her best work to date. I think the met the challenge with (pardon the pun) flying colors.

Above, her logo for her Chakra Graphics business.

Asya is quite talented in many facets of art. From oil and watercolor paintings to graphics (including logos). Her website has examples of her past work. 

She is open to work commissions. She generally works from her home in St. Petersburg, Russia, but does occasionally travel to the U.S. for work projects. She can be contacted through her Chakra Graphics website.

To access her Chakra Graphic website, just hit the log graphic for it on the right side of this page or go here. 

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