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Monday, June 4, 2018

Superman Article In Japan Today

Action Comics #1 had a cover date of June 1938, so this month is the 80th anniversary of the Man of Steel (even though the comic book was published a month or so before).

It just so happens that Japan Today has an article on the 80th anniversary of Superman.

It begins with:
WASHINGTON - In an era when superheroes seem to be everywhere -- there were literally dozens in the most recent "Avengers" film -- the Man of Steel stands apart. 
Eighty years after his debut in Action Comics #1, dated June 1938, Superman is still an American cultural icon, the hero of reference and the undisputed star of DC Comics. 
And today, the comic book publisher -- also known for Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Green Lantern, among others -- is counting on Superman more than ever. 
"He is the mold people worked with, the template for the idea of a superhero," explains Jared Smith, who works in a comic book store in Washington. 
"Superman is a very idealized character. They call him the Boy Scout of America. He always does the right thing and tries do to the good thing." 
In Action Comics #1, 13 pages were dedicated to the story of Kal-El, an alien from the planet Krypton with supernatural strength, sent to Earth by his father before his home planet was destroyed. 
Superman's debut was a smash success. A year later, DC Comics gave the Man of Steel his own book, and introduced another formidable hero: Batman.

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