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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nut Rage Proves Costly For Korean Air Heiress

Above, Cho Hyun Ah. Associated Press photo.

The former executive of Korean Air who flew into a rage over how she was served macadamia nuts has received her sentence in a court in Seoul.

According to The Japan News:
SEOUL (AP) — A Seoul court on Thursday sentenced a former Korean Air executive to a year in prison for aviation law violations that stemmed from her inflight tantrum over how she was served macadamia nuts. 
Cho Hyun Ah, the daughter of Korean Air’s chairman, achieved worldwide notoriety after she ordered the chief flight attendant off a Dec. 5 flight, forcing it to return to the gate at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. 
Head of cabin service at the time of the incident, Cho was angered she had been offered macadamia nuts in a bag instead of in a dish. A heated and physical confrontation with members of the crew in first class ensued.
I tend to feel the sentence was a little on the harsh side. I would think a sentence of 3 to 6 months in jail would've been sufficient. I have flown on Korean Air several times to Japan and found their service to be very good.

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