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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Forbes: Japan, Already Marvelous, Getting Better For Tourists

Above, if you're lucky to travel on a clear day, a view of Mount Fuji can be seen from your Shinkansen window. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

If one is contemplating a vacation to Japan and would like to see different areas of the country, but is holding back due to cost considerations, a new article at Forbes.com will dispel any such notions.

The article discusses in depth the benefits of using a Japan Rail Pass along with other advantages that travelers to Japan will find to make their visit rewarding.

It begins with:
After the Japanese yen’s 30% slide to its current 120 yen/dollar level, vacationing in Japan is widely appreciated as one of the world’s best values. 
Foreigners with the time and foresight to purchase a 7 or 14 day Japan Rail Pass open for themselves a spectacularly broad vista of potential enjoyment (and, for the sufficiently open-minded, edification), making Japan one the biggest bargains in travel.
During our recent trip to Japan, we purchased a 7-day Japan Rail Pass which took us from Tokyo to Atami and, from there, to Osaka and Kyoto aboard the Shinkansen. And back. Plus, we used it for local JR-operated commuter trains in those cities. The Japan Rail Pass more than paid for itself.

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