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Friday, October 9, 2015

New Gamera Trailers

Above, a scene from Gamera The Brave (2006). Kadokawa Pictures photo.

It has been a bit over nine years since Kadokawa Pictures released Gamera The Brave (2006) (a.k.a. Gamera, The Little Braves) in Japan. I attended its premiere in Tokyo in April 2006. Since then, there's been rumors that the giant turtle/tortoise monster will be returning to the big screens, but nothing came of those rumors.

Until now.

Kadokawa has presented trailers for their latest Gamera movie at the New York Comic Con (Godzilla suit-actors Haruo Nakajima, Kenpachiro Satsuma and Tsutomu Kitagawa are attending) and they were posted yesterday at YouTube. I looked at several trailer postings and have not detected any release date.

Here's the short and long versions:

Like Gamera The Brave, this movie (I am guessing that its title is just Gamera) begins with a Gyaos attack. It does not appear to be a sequel to either 1999's Gamera 3 or Gamera The Brave. It appears to be a stand-alone or the start of a new series of movies (provided this one's a money-maker). Kadokawa is celebrating Gamera's 50th anniversary with this release.

It appears Gamera got his voice back in this one!

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