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Monday, May 2, 2016

29 Godzilla Movies To Be Screened In Tokyo

GaijinPot.com has posted their "This Week In Tokyo For May 2 - May 8, 2016" feature article on things to see and do in the Tokyo area.

What caught my eye is that Godzilla movies, all 29 of them, will be screened from now until Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence) premieres.

They wrote:
If you’re a diehard fan of the big green machine, you’ll have a chance to see all of his cinematic outings on the big screen. Jinbocho Theatre will screen all 29 Godzilla films from now until the release of Godzilla Resurgence on July 29th.
How's that for a great incentive to take a trip to Japan?

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